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from elainemc
cap, captain miss america
This is probably the funniest thing that the new book has spawned!


Don't click if you OMG CARE about having the ohsoimportant romances in the book spoiled for you! Which you might, since they're essentially the only plot in the entire novel.

Dude, this chick would never have lasted as a Sox fan.

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When someone calls J.K. Rowling "Jo" they deserve to be punched in the nose repeatedly.

And that is probably only one of the many, many reasons to punch this chick in the nose!

I'm impressed that with all her rampant hatred, she still feels as if she and "Jo" are on a first-name basis.

I feel....dumber for having read that...

I'm almost certain it was written by the same lady who came in and yelled at me for not refunding her more than she paid on her returned item...

Damn Her!!

pfft. harry and hermione. as if.

damn, the Harry Potter fandom has really lost something now :(

(brain cells)

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