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so pissed!

so i had a pretty okay morning, i got my welcome letter from my new hosting company and was all happy. but then i checked my site logs at they were at 7 for the day...that's much lower than they usually are when i get to work, which is somewhere in the teens for the day.

then i went to get something from the IKL and i got a 404!! i mean, it's on my site...that's absurd. but i got a 404! so i thought, okay, maybe the site is down; there's a server problem...so i did what i always do; i ftp'd in to see if that worked-- because if ftp works then it means there's a router down. ftp worked fine...but ALL MY FRAPPIN FILES WERE GONE! my entire site!!! GONE!!


so i re-upped the IKL, since i have that backed up here at work, and called mikey. he re-upped most of the rest of my site, but i had to put up an old version of nakama (i will get the new one up ASAP) and a few of my dolls are still missing. i am really pissed off.

i immediately contacted network solutions to do my server switchover. i will have my new servers very soon! i will be able to support lots of traffic. i will have 400 mb of web space instead of my measly 50 that i have now. so happy will i be.

cool. so those of you who expressed interest in doing something for my new site, i will get in touch with you soon. mariye, since you said you'd be interested in doing other stuff, i'm gonna ask you to do other stuff and i'll hold off on interviewing you till a later update.

if any of you have specific people you would like to see stuff from on my new site, please let me know and i will try to contact them and get stuff from them. favorite artists you don't know personally? people whose work you're interested in but don't know much about?


Tags: internet, life, rants
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