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Meet the Big Hairy Doggies!

I got pictures of the three Great Pyrenees who live in the house here.

Lola is the oldest of the doggies. She's been around for a while, Vickey got her a little after they moved to the States from Italy. She's extremely quiet and good-natured, and is the princess in the house. As in, she gets the same meals as the people. She predates the kennel; she's the first Pyr that Vickey got.

Tater is the man of the house. As in, the Alpha Male. He's big and generally gets what he wants. He's also called T-Bone, and that usually gets shortened to T, which causes problems for me because, well, whenever people call the dog's name, I turn around. It also means everyone here calls me Tamara, or even worse, they call me Tam, which is what a lot of my relatives call me, much to my chagrin. It gets confusing, because Vickey has a son named Dan, and "Dan" and "Tam" sound very familiar.

Rocky is short for Rocksteady; he was from a litter of puppies named for Ninja Turtle villains. And how apt a name it is! Rocky gets into everything, and he likes trying to eat the dishes in the dishwasher. He's less than a year old, and he's super cute, but overly playful. Vickey had me carry treats around with me to get used to me, and now he thinks I always have treats, so he does tricks for me every time he sees me. He knows how to lift and lower the toilet seat cover so he can drink out of it, and today he killed a turtle!

Aren't they cute? They're huge, they're each like three and a half feet tall. My cousin Marian calls them the furniture. And if anyone wants to adopt one...we have a few here that need homes!
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