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it really is talk like a pirate day!
cap, captain miss america
because i have been going ARRRRGH all day!

So my computer has been kind of slow lately, and I chalked it up to the MSN dial-up, which is a huge program and slow as a beached whale on a hot day. Every few days, I've had to restart my computer and take like a good hour of fiddling to get the internet connection to work. It's really only been the internet that's been a problem, although my programs have been freezing up a little, but again, I chalked that up to the huge MSN dial up thing I have to keep running if I want to be online.

Anyway, today when I woke up, I could not get on the internet at all. I think I've managed a cumulative half hour or so all day. So finally around 3pm, I came over to Dan's house to download my virus updates and shit because I haven't been able to stay on the dialup long enough to get the downloads, as it seems to enjoy booting me off after about four minutes.

So now it's been seven hours and counting, and I'm scanning my computer with every piece of virus and adware protection known to man, and hopefully I'll get it cleaned up and that'll solve the issue. I really hope.

So I'm sorry I haven't been around at all today. It kind of sucks because today was an officework day which means I would have been online all day while I was working on the newsletter, so blah. Assuming the problem isn't stupidass MSN and it is my computer, which is my current evaluation of the situation, I'll be back online tonight.


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Hi tea! For some reason I thought you didn't want to talk to me. Sorry.

I screened your comment because I don't want certain individuals knowing my new lj.

Anyway, I added you back and I send much love your way.

Dude, no, I had absolutely no clue where you had disappeared to; I just assumed you were taking a break from the internet or something. Of course I love you! <3

I'm glad to hear you're okay!

I did take a break for about eight months. I guess I had some weird ideas when I came back.

It's great to hear from you again. I enjoy reading your entries.

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