tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

2 pts for Baby Jesus!

Tea went driving today.

I went all the way to Newport News, which is an hour away. On the highway. It was exciting and I got all the way there with no problems.

But then, right after I got into Newport News, I had to turn into a parking lot to make a U-turn and I kind of misjudged my braking distance, and hit the sign in the parking lot driveway.

For the Lutheran Church.

The car was fine, but the sign died a painful death.

So then I stopped the car and went inside to tell them I'd knocked it over and to offer to pay for it, and the lady at the desk was like. "Which sign, babydoll?" (Because everyone in Virginia calls you babydoll!) and I told her which one.

And she said, "Oh, the one by the drive? Yeah, we needed to dig that one up anyway, the men put it in in the wrong place, so you actually did us a favor. Now they'll have to come back and put it in proper! Thanks!"

I so lucked out.
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