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All Dogs Go to Heaven

We lost one of our kennel doggies today.

He was okay this morning, but then this afternoon he just stopped and laid down. When we went to check on him, he was hemhorraging.

So we took him to the emergency room, and he got in on his own but he died while we were there. It was really sad; the vet said he had some kind of tumor and there was nothing we could do.

We also got a feral dog and a puppy who has been really badly abused. The puppy is named Howie and he is missing most of his hair and 30 lbs underweight. He's very playful, though; it just hurts to look at him because his skin is so bare and raw. We also got a little dog who was abandoned when his family moved away. We tried calling his house and the phone was disconnected so we called his vet and the vet said the family moved away a couple of months ago. He's really cute, he's some kind of poodle mix. The feral dogs are tough, they're afraid of people and they take a lot of work. I also helped give a doggie stitches.

We're getting two or three more Katrina doggies this week. These are ones that had been picked up by Homeland Security and they were hoping to find their families but it doesn't look too good, so they're coming up here. They're in a sort of doggie halfway house right now, and we'll get them by the end of the week.

Our Pyrs are listed on Petfinder if anyone wants to see them: http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?action=1&pet.Shelterid=VA238&preview=1

The non-Pyrs aren't listed there, though. I think we mostly try to place them using the Humane Society in the area.

It was a really, really long day and I'm too exhausted to think.
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