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cap, captain miss america
I just got my first rejection letter from one of the agents I sent my book to.

I'm not really that disappointed, actually.

She said in the letter that "I think your style is terrific, but honestly, I didn't connect with the plot line."

Which is kind of okay with me, because I know the plot is really sort of weird and I know it's going to take someone who likes weird to publish it. Hearing that she liked my style is definitely a plus-- it means that I should work on my other, more normal stories, and see if she'll take one of those.

I have to wait on one more office getting back to me before I send it out again.

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You're great.

The first rejection I got convinced me to stop writing for five years or so.

You actually use them to get better. I am in awe of you.

Rejections shouldn't stop you!

I think of it as, if she didn't like it, but didn't think that there was anything wrong with it per se, it's just that she's a professional agent and knows that she's not the best match to represent this book. She probably knows that there are other people who could do a better job with it, because they'd understand more what I'm trying to do, and it would be bad for both me and her to enter into a partnership where she didn't believe 100% in my work.

It means that either I can send her something different that she thinks she can represent better, or I can find someone who will do a better job representing this book.

I'm glad you're handling it so well, because that's actually a very good rejection letter. It may as well read "we're not picking it up, but somebody's going to."

Wow, that's a great rejection letter, quite positive - sure, it's not as good as being accepted, but it's the next best thing. :)

Yeah, that's totally how I feel about it! Thanks!

I thought it was funny that we were just talking about this the other day.

Ooh, well done. I have a rejection letter too, just one though, for a short story, and it's form. But anyway good luck getting non-rejection letters :-)!

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