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who is...
cap, captain miss america

this is the first time i've been put on the friends list of someone i don't *think* i've had any contact with...i can't see the website because envy.nu is misbehaving. anyway, i am intrigued. intrigued, however, is not an LJ mood.

hello there.

back to work.

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hello there! i hope you don't mind that i added you...it was a few days ago, i believe! i just thought you had some nice interests! :0) maybe we'll talk again!

i just looked at my userinfo and there was this person i didn't think i'd heard of. i'm pretty new to LJ so it's never happened before, but i certainly think it's nifty! thanks!


Re: don't mind at all

aww hehe! you're welcome! i love when random people add me! it's always a great surprise!

I do that too. I go random user when I'm bored, and I'll look trhough interests to find people who match me alot too. ^-^ You find fun people that way.

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