tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue


I went to a farm yesterday. The chickens, as usual, proved their superiority to common barnyard animals, and people, by escaping from their manmade pen. FOOLISH HUMANS!

My brother asked me why the chickens, unlike the other barnyard animals, were not in an electric fence. I explained to him that the frightening intellect of the chickens would lead them to harness the power of the electric fence to their own evil purposes.

Also, I got to see a cockfight. Um, a real one, where the cocks just got pissed with each other and went BAKAW! Not some forced-slavery cockfight.

There was also one chicken that was totally digging its way out of the farm. The mob mentality is totally an act. They are so on to us. I keep checking strangers I meet to make sure they are not chickens in people costumes. You have to do that or you might become a pawn in their plan for world domination.
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