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cap, captain miss america
my eyes are hurting something fierce. it feels like my eyesockets are swollen. that's boo. boo boo boo.

it makes me cry a lot.

i need to see a doctor. that means i need to find a doctor. that is hard to do. i guess i'll email jo again about it; she has good doctors in the city but she never got back to me about it before. i would go to LI for doctor but then i have to depend on my mom to drive me. things i need to do doctor wise:

1) get a regular GP checkup (last time i did that was when i turned 18--51/2 years ago)
2)go to a gyno (last time i did that was in college, so probably 3 years ago)
3)go to a dentist-- but i don't have dental coverage yet...so that has to wait even though i need to
4)have a wisdom tooth pulled.
5)go to a shrink--i promised mikey i would do this when i had health insurance.
6)go to a dermatologist
7)go to an eye doctor

beh, i have to restart the box.
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It sounds like it might be pink eye. If your eyes go red and start to secrete anything resembling pus, look out. I had it once. Bad enough that it was gross, but when you wake up and your eyes are basically glued together with dried whatever the hell that stuff is, it's just plain wrong.

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