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my eyes are hurting something fierce. it feels like my eyesockets are swollen. that's boo. boo boo boo.

it makes me cry a lot.

i need to see a doctor. that means i need to find a doctor. that is hard to do. i guess i'll email jo again about it; she has good doctors in the city but she never got back to me about it before. i would go to LI for doctor but then i have to depend on my mom to drive me. things i need to do doctor wise:

1) get a regular GP checkup (last time i did that was when i turned 18--51/2 years ago)
2)go to a gyno (last time i did that was in college, so probably 3 years ago)
3)go to a dentist-- but i don't have dental coverage yet...so that has to wait even though i need to
4)have a wisdom tooth pulled.
5)go to a shrink--i promised mikey i would do this when i had health insurance.
6)go to a dermatologist
7)go to an eye doctor

beh, i have to restart the box.
Tags: health, life

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