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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
Okay, dude, so is there anyone else who keeps seeing the ads for "Slither" and thinking that they remade "Shivers?"

Because I so do. Every time.

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That movie looks freaking awesome, I'm totally seeing it.

Shivers was basically the same movie, I think, except no one got creepy looking and there were orgies. Because the slugs max out your libido.

I haven't seen it, is it worth checking out?

Of course it is; it's Cronenberg.

Although it is very silly early Cronenberg.

Actually, I think I was thinking it looked even more like a remake of Night of the Creeps. Shivers is sort of expecting too much of it!

My friend in Intro to Cinema gets to see some pre-screening or something of that movie. I was jealous.

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