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just finished making a silly video project for shine02.org and amnesty international that tooks 3 days and should have taken 3 hours. pah. have to do all the work that go pushed aside in order to complete the vid project, which was technically due yesterday. of course, when i did i find out we needed to submit one for our shine02 art project? when? wednesday AFTERNOON.

now i have to put together the CD project that i was supposed to be starting wednesday and which we need to fedex to someone tuesday. this is ridiculous.

any teenagers who live near NY or have been to new york: what would be cool things to take a 17 year old and a 20 year old to? i am hopelessly un-hip and while i may not even need to plan things for them to do (they may come with their own itineraries), i have 2 cousins who have never been NYC before coming in for the weekend. al the cool things i do are a little too grown up or require ID claiming that you are over 21 (and i don't want to get my little cousins in trouble).

no, i am not taking them to stare at thegaping hole.

my neck hurts.

okay, back to work.
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