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working on the moodtheme!
cap, captain miss america
i've only done a couple moods. let's see if this works.


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yee, thanks. it's going so slow though! the huge list of happy icons is so daunting. and so many of them shouldn't be under happy. if you want to see the rest of what i've done on the mega-list, you can look here

8bit babies mood theme


Haha, they are very cute. I like the lonely one. Aw.

I like 'em so far. Good job, Tea!


These are GREAT! So colorful! I'm jealous!

Mine eyes are dazzled...

your duckies are much better-drawn though. i am just attempting to put together a mood theme that i actually like, since the kao anis disappeared. and there isn't a real techie-looking mood theme. so i decided to do one. they take so long though!


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