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cap, captain miss america
I wanted to see Land of the Blind.

It came out last Friday. LAST FRIDAY. Thus, I have not had a free day to see it yet because I was away last weekend and busy all week. It was playing at the big theater YESTERDAY and I was like, oh, good, I can go see that tomorrow.

Now it is not playing anywhere. :-(

Dammit, AMC, stop showing the freaking GARFIELD movie and show something decent that I haven't seen :-(

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This is what I deal with! Except it's really not supposed to be that bad where you are.

It is only playing in ONE theater in Manhattan and that is the one all the way downtown. Could it really have been that bad? Maybe, I don't know! But Ralph Fiennes and dystopic warmongers= want to see!

It's called "A Tale of Two Kitties"! Get it? Isn't that funny? I can't wait till the third movie!

doesn't AMC have that "select" crap where they show like, good movies? that's how I saw Prarie Home, since my theater decided that MI3 was a better bet or whatever.

Entertainment Weekly gave the movie some kind of stinky review, but their critics are hit and miss.

Garfield has been dead to me ever since Lorenzo Music passed away.

(Deleted comment)
Don't worry about it. I was only pissed off about it for like half a day or I would have said something to you. I'm only bringing it up now because it exemplifies the point I was trying to make in that debate, so all's cool.

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