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I'd hit Ma
cap, captain miss america
So I went to the grocery store and there were these two guys in the totally ghettoed-out outfits, you know, wearing do-rags and rhinestone crosses and sports jerseys and shit, and this is the conversation I heard.

"So what did you do this weekend?"
"Not too much. Me and (girl's name I forget) watched Little House on the Prairie."
"Oh, man. I'd hit Ma. Only Pa would kick my ass. Did you see the one where Mary goes blind?"
"Fuck no. It always makes me cry when I watch that one."

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That totally makes my day. XD

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I don't disagree. I just thought it was awesome to see these two guys who very obviously were going for the badass image talking about Little House on the Prairie and how it made them cry

People are awesome sometimes.


Oh God. I can die happy.

OMG. XD You've got to send that in to Overheard in NY.

I was just thinking the same thing!

I'll third that.

*follows Destiny everywhere*


That tops the time I was walking past a construction site and the workers were blasting Elton John music.

Butterflies are free to fly, fly away.

That's fabulous! Reminds me of when super gothed out people come into Barnes and Noble and ask for books on like, puppies or gardening or something. always makes me smile. ^_^

Can I metaquote this?

Oh, my God. I am never going to forget that.

That rocks. I love overheard stuff like this, but this is the best ever.

That is so great!

I showed this to my sister too, because she tends to like guys like that, and she made this sorta disgusted face and said, "That's not true, is it?"

Wow. That's all I have to say.

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