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working on the moodtheme
cap, captain miss america
so, i have 45 icons. that means that one in three of the icons in this moodtheme has an original icon.

here is the link again
8bit babies

how many icons would you want a set to have to consider using it as your own theme (Whether or not you like this one)

and, if you were going to use this one, which of the icons that i haven't done yet are ones that you absolutely require to have a unique icon?

thank you!


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Quixotic is GREAT!!!

I was obsessed with that book as a kid. I had my stuffed weasels named with that theme- they were Don Quixote, Cervantes, and Sancho Panza (that was his name, right?).

I like this set...dunno if I'd use it myself because I'm working on my own.

It's so great! If I hadn't already made the duckies, I'd use it in a heartbeat! Actually, if this theme had been available for public use when I first got my journal, I wouldn't have made my own.

I love it ^___^ they look like little chicklets!
Only why doe the predatory have a blinking sceptre? Ah well
I love the pessimistic. That one could work for paranoid too...if they have a paranoid....

Now I want to make a set...gyahh! no more projects jen! bad jen!
*beats self into bloody pulp*

it's supposed to be a torch and a pitchfork, like the mob in frankenstein.

oh well; i guess i can't win 'em all.

i am up to fity unique icons though! i think when half of them are unique (65) i will submit it.


I am gonna use this set!

I like indescribe-able myself... And touched. o^-^o. Horny is funny though! Its very creative!

This is such a cute set! It has so much personality, and they're just little squares. Rockin!

I'll probably use my amoebas though because I made them to match my layout ^-^; But I like yours better ;_;

I think it's fine right now, although I might add a few more to the happy ones. there's alot of red happy faces in there.

I'd love to use 'em! They're great!

I'd like to see a different icon for tired, though. I think little half opened eyes blinking would be very fitting. Ummm... And as a pun, jealousy should prolly be green. Surprised and shocked would be cute with big round blank-looking eyes. I think those are the main ones that came to my mind. ^_^


yes, mikey already requested a green icon for jealousy. i think shocked is going to get electrocuted.


i love the icons! they're so cute; especially busy, hot, and crushed.

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