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went out w. blackhawk for a drink. a drink was two drinks, then i had two shirley temples because, as we realized, i really didn't eat enuf today, then a soda because ma tummy hurted because i hadn't eaten enuf.

what i did eat was a lot of black lentil with bacon soup and a nice cup of ronnybrook coconut ice cream. ronnybrook is a dairy up near vassar, my dad keeps teasing me that the ice cream reminds me of my college days. but no! it is just GOOD. good an' creeeeaaaamy. oh, and i also had ronnybrook hot chocolate at the union square market this mawnin'. that was the mawnin, tho.

anyhow, that was not enuf. so after two manhattans i wasn't as un-drunk as i usually am after two drinks. i wasn't stoopid tho, just would have gotten silly if i'd had another so i didn't.

we talked mostly about KiSS stuff. it was good; i had fun.

walked in the door to ma apartimento and now my tummy feels a little better. a little better. i have such slow metabolism, everything sits in my tummy forever and makes me all blekky feeling. mikey called within 2 minutos and he is safe on the ground in hartford. i will get to hug him tomorrow. that is nice, i haven't seen him in over a week. i don't like that. my bed is too big for one person. i've been sleeping with "my" old blue sweater to keep me company, even though i had semi-sworn it off (that's, ahem, discussed in my 2001 self-portrait KiSS set for those who are curious).

the little twin stars are smiling at me. grarrrrgh. they have velcro hands. actually, just the boy smiles, and the girl has an "ooooh" face. i wonder if it is any comment on the sexual satisfaction of cherubs?
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