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The Consumer Calendar
So, you always hear about how stores try to start holiday shopping so far in advance of the actual holiday and all. Like, Christmas is already starting to rear its ugly head.

Anyway, tonight I saw a first. You know how after Halloween or Christmas or St. Valentine's Day, all the stuff goes on sale the day after and clears out really fast?

Yeah. So my drug store has put all the Halloween stuff on clearance sale two weeks before the holiday even happens.


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*sweatdrop* yay cheap candy?

It happens more often than I care to ponder over. Silly silly marketing.
But thanks for keeping the SAINT in St. Valentine's Day!

You can decorate your entire place in Halloween style for the whole year through!

cheap candy? Or did they just discount the costumes and not the "good stuff"?

Off topic, but did you decide if you were going to make stuff for Lel or not?

I'm pretty sure it was everything. I'm just impressed that we have gotten so far ahead of ourselves that now holidays are over before they have even happened.

Oh, and duh! You know what, I'm a dip. I started making her a pirate costume months ago and then got sidetracked by something else. I'll see what I can do. If you're pressing for a deadline, though, I can just give you the random stuff I've made.

I understand getting sidetracked. Thanks for working on it. There's no deadline. I'd just like to wrap it up eventually.


That is... eesh. Yeah.

Bath and Body Works doesn't even have Halloween stuff out anymore. It was discounted last week and totally pulled from the shelves Sunday night to make room for holiday stuff.

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