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1) My mother made me an amazing poncho which I am currently wearing.
2) It has a matching hat with a bow.
3) I am wearing that, too.

But that is not why I am here today. Today, I am here to tell you about something I meant to post about on, um, Monday, and didn't for some reason.

Because Monday I received the results of my Strong Interest Inventory

So, the Strong is this multiple choice test that, like, is supposed to tell you fascinating (ooh, fascinating!) things about yourself by comparing your likes and dislikes to those of people who are "highly satisfied" with their jobs.

It tests you in six areas to check your interests in those "themes": artistic, investigative, conventional, realistic, social, and enterprising.

The funny thing is, I didn't score really high in any of them. Although artistic is much higher than the others, but it is still in the "moderate" category. My lowest is "Enterprising" which I apparently have a very low interest in. This means that I don't actually care about making any money, haha. Not really, but it means that I don't care for selling things or engaging in traditional business.

After that, there is a section where they go through actual activities you like and dislike.
My Top Five:
Writing/Mass Communication Yes.
Social Sciences Um, sure. I like figuring things out and looking at communities and stuff. I like history. I really liked religion and urban studies when I was in school.
Visual Arts Well, we know this one.
Mechanics & Construction This is true. I really like building things. I don't really do it as much as I used to but I built my own really complicated dollhouse when I was a kid; I had a pulley system in my bedroom to do things like open my closet and my blinds, I made dolls out of scrap metal, so on, so forth. Used to sew a ton.
Science Really? I was a crack Physics student in high school and the first kid to ever make the finals of the NYS Science Congress with a project in behavioral science. But I kind of gve up on hard science after high school, so this one was kind of, um, surprising-interesting.

My Bottom Five:
Finance & Investing
Human Resources & Training
Marketing & Advertising

So, yeah, uh, no selling things for tea. This whole thing is one bit "Tea, do not go into business!"

Man, this is getting long. So then it does your top ten Occupations. These aren't occupations that you "should" go into, as the test repeatedly warns, but the ones that you matched interests with people who are already in those professions and liked them.

College Instructor Okay, yeah, I can see this. Academia is one of the places I've been most comfortable, although college/university politics p whaiss me off.
Computer Systems Analyst Err, say what? I don't even know what one of these does.
Photographer I like taking photos, but as a profession? Not sure.
Biologist BIOLOGIST? This one sort of really surprised me, because when I was 12/13, my favorite thing in the world was splicig e. coli genes and making the fun little gels of the new mutated DNA. That's technically genetics, not biology, but they're close. This one gave me pause.
Librarian To me, librarians are fat, naggy old ladies who are mean to you because that is what the ones in my local library were. Although I could go all Party Girl and be a glam librarian.
Translator This would be fun...if I had any facility with a language besides English.
University Instructor See College Instructor
Attorney I could never see myself as an attorney. When I was in high school mock trial, I always played the witnesses.
ESL Instructor Maybe with adults. I am not big on teaching kids. Not whole groups of them. Maybe a couple at a time.
Editor Yeah, I could do this.

The things it told me I had nothing in common with? Phys ed teachers, Athletic trainers, Realtors, Physical Therapists, Practical Nurses. Um, yeah. Some of those I actually had NEGATIVE in common with! Awesome!

Other high ones were Sociologist, Psychologist,Artist, and Musician

Then it goes through some work styles stuff. I marginally prefer working alone, but, ironically, I prefer collaborating on the actual work. Yeah. I am pretty much right on the line for preferring research v. practical learning. I prefer being directed to directing, which is true. And I hate taking risks.

Now I get to have a phone interview about the results. It is awesome that I am getting all of this for free!
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