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Family Status:
cap, captain miss america
My dad & Nate are presumably not arriving till like three in the morning. Or six in the morning. Because my dad is crazy.

Grandfather: Watching some Jackie Gleason documentary
Jordan: In the shop finishing an order (he does upholstery)
Me: Mashing root veggies
Mother: making homemade caramel for pie
Grandmother: Vacuuming for the fourth time today

If you cook with my grandmother, you will wind up using five or six times the number of utensils you usually use, because if you put them down, to, like, taste the sauce, she will grab them and wash them.

It's awesome.

All the prep is done, and the only thing I have to do tonight is take the turkey out of the brine.

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That is both funny and worrying. Makes you want to trek into the house with lots and lots of mud on your wellies.

For some reason, I read "homemade camel pie" O_O

Oooh Camel Pie. I wonder if there is a recipe.

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