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Highlights of today:
cap, captain miss america
1) I went to see Casino Royale, which I did not like very well, I am sorry to say. I didn't think it was horrible, but I wasn't impressed and I didn't feel it stood up as a Bond film. I liked the changes they made to Bond as a character and I thought Judi Dench was great, but it felt kind of like a cardboard Bond-movie cutout, without the tongue in cheekness that is the saving grace of a lot of Bond movies. The opening credits were probably the best part of the movie.

2) My father emailed me a spreadsheet that contained a lot of confusing numbers. I was like, hmm. So I called him.

This is how the conversation went:

Tea: Daddy, what do all these numbers mean?
Daddy: I'm not sure. What numbers?
Tea: The numbers you sent me, in the email. It looked like it was contract rates, but I'm not sure what they mean.
Daddy: Oh. I'm not sure what they mean, either, I just had to get them out of my head. It's still pretty stuffed up.
Tea: Oh, how are you feeling?
Daddy: Well, my head's stuffed up. There's too much information in it.
Tea: Information? So you're...confused, not sick?
Daddy: No, I'm still sick. I've come to the conclusion though that head colds are what happens when your Hole of Knowledge gets stuffed up. So that prevents the free flow of information out of your brain, and your head gets stuffed up because there is too much knowledge coming in and no way for the knowledge to get out. And when you blow your nose, that's your body's way of trying to expel the excess knowledge so you won't be so stuffed up.


This is the hat I made last night! It looks like a potholder. I think I need a bigger crochet hook, but none of the stores around here have one. :-(

These are inside jokes. Walsh's building is taller than Fenwick's, just so you all know.

This is just a pretty picture of a storm front in Delaware.

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1. Really? It makes me sad, because that was on my very long-list of new movies I wanted to see. I have to say, the last couple Bond films, even with Brosnan, were sort of downhill. But it's probably because I'm from Hong Kong and was obsessed with "Tomorrow Never Dies."

2. lolz.

It may just be me, because everyone else has seemed to love it, but I just didn't dig this one. Then again, how can you really outdo Peter Sellers in a parody?

Dude, Walsh's building is taller than everyone's.

It also has more little gold doodads.

Your dad may well be one of the most fascinating people ever to have graced this planet.

Apparently the film is trying to get back to what Bond was like in the books- less suave and more a man's man. I'm a bit dubious about this too. We'll see.

Walsh's building is in Navy colours, too.

I actually really liked the way they played Bond up to a point. But one of the problems was they set him up as this emotionally-distant, dirty-playing character, which I liked, and then had his change very suddenly and quickly without any real development just to get him involved with this movie's Bond Girl. And when you're starting fresh with a new character, you need the development. It was really more the story I disliked, I thought making Bond rougher around the edges in a movie that is about him starting out, where he wouldn't have learn the suaveness yet, worked really well.

1. I did think the movie was taking itself too seriously, but I still liked it overall. And I have a lot of hope for the re-invention of the franchise - that can be fixed, a bad Bond couldn't.

2. Your father's logic is amazing.

3. I made a scarf and a half on the train ride! What size hook are you using? You'd probably need at least an l or m for chunky yarn like that, but it varies.

No, I know that. I'm already using an N and it's too small. I need something bigger but none of the stores around here have a really huge hook.

I also don't really think the franchise needed to be re-invented. It's not like Batman where the movies has just gotten horrible, they just kind of ran out of things to do with Brosnan's Bond. I liked what they did with the character, but in terms of the plot, they were stuck in the same old cliches they were getting stuck in with the Brosnan movies. Changing the character did not make the story any better.

Ah. I had to have Ana send me my hooks, I haven't been able to find a place in New Orleans that has crochet supplies at all. It makes me very sad.

I went to all the knitting/crochet places in NY that are open on Monday (a surprising lot of them aren't) and none of them had a really big hook.

I usually work with the smallest hooks I can get away with because I learned to crochet doily style with thread. But I know I have something bigger then an N. If you can't find a big one anywhere, let me know and I can send you one.


I'm going to pretend the hat is actually your hair, now with multi-colored action. Nice shot of your eyes, by the way.

I LOVED THE OPENING SEQUENCE. Seriously, all of my friends are all, "But, why didn't you love the MOVIE?" "Um, I was too busy LUSTING OVER THE OPENING SEQUENCE."

...The cinematography was lovely, but I hated the editing.

The opening sequence was freaking hot!

And yeah, the camera work was nice. I really liked the colors and the lighting they used throughout, but you're right. It was like it was too slow for action but too fast for suspense and you kind of got stuck somewhere in the middle.

Eva Green also pissed me off. They could have done so much with Vesper, but she was like the wussiest Bond Girl in a while. In that scene where she was in the shower, I was totally expecting when he walked into the room for her to be fumingly pissed and have her scream at him, but no, she's like "sulk sulk I'm Lady Macbeth!"

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