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I am so tired I was literally falling over in Borders' when I went to buy my family's Christmas presents-- everyone is getting books this year, though the quality varies according to the family member's tastes from excellent for my mother and brother to...not...for my father. Since this is a public post, I'm not commenting on what I got them. But I did.

I went to pick out my brother's books, and literally my eyed blurred so much that I couldn't read the authors' names on the books. So I went up to the cafe, downed a coconut brownie in about fifteen seconds, and pretty much propelled myself to the counter and back home on nothing but pure sugar. But I had a lovely conversation with the guy checking me out about Love, Actually.

There's still so much to do. Holiday mailing will be arriving probably late for Christmas and most definitely too late for Chanukah, as I have only managed to make about one third of the cards I'm sending out so far and I'm not sure they'll fit in the envelopes I have.

I lost a 30-day metrocard I'd only bought on Saturday, and had to call the hotline-- but they were closed! I left a message so I'm hoping they'll give me the money back for today even thought my report won't go in till tomorrow.

I'm not even sure how coherent I'm being right now. I just felt like I needed to preserve this state of mind. I think I'm going to do something unheard of and sign off the computer while I finish some holiday cards.
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