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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
Well, work is still kicking my ass but in a good way.

I mailed cards to everyone who asked for one except people outside the US because, um, I don't want to wait on the holiday line at the post office to fill out declaration forms in the middle of the day. Also, gildedage, yours is still not mailed because again, holiday line, post office.

I know my mom has a bunch of cards for me that came from people, but I don't know who yet so thank you!

I've been meaning to post about this. ariesathena has co-started an lj community for readers & people who like to talk about books in general called booklisters. Basically, she was getting sick of super snobby reading communities where members gave people shit for liking the "wrong" books so she wanted to start one where people wouldn't be judged for their taste. There's an application of sorts, but it's pretty laid-back-- you write down the names of fifteen books you really like, and then people can ask you questions about them, and even if you don't wish to sign up, it's public to read and the discussions have seemed pretty fun so far.

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Re. booklisters, there's no way I could've resisted -- the people all seem neat and laid-back, the questions are awesome and I ha fun compiling my list. :D My app's in the queue now.

(And now I've started READING booklisters because the discussions are so fun. Also possibly because there is a locust in my room and I'm too terrified to sleep, but I digress.)

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