tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

hurry up please, it's time!

So there is very limited internet here, but enough I can get on and check email, etc. I have lots of fun family stories that I will post when I have a proper connection, and there are totally going to be pictures of my CHRISTMAS GOOSE because my mother managed to get me a goose to roast and I get to make potatoes with GOOSE FAT which is the best way to make potatoes.

However, the point of this update: haruspexy, I have officially perfected the art of vanilla cream soda cocktails so I am totally mixing some of these while I am out there. Plus I just made the best negronis ever. (recipes to come when I have a proper connection)

OH DUH! And gildedage, I got your package and it is the awesomest! Thank you so much! My mom was totally impressed.
Tags: christmas, cocktails, goose fat
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