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And Razzleberry Dressing!
cap, captain miss america
Since my uncle's grandchildren were at their dad's for Christmas this year, we actually had a proper meal.

I made these pamplemousse cocktails out of Gourmet magazine that were delicious but not very pretty, so no pics of those. It was pretty much pomegranate simple syrup, honey, grapefruit soda, vodka, limes, ans sage (instead of mint, that was my change to the recipe, sage is really, really good in mixed drinks).

This picture is mainly for gildedage because she thought my grandfather was my dad at Thanksgiving :-P This is my dad, and yes, I look just like him.

Shmancy table setting:

I got a kangaroo on wheels out of my popper:


My mom got a rape whistle in her popper:

Broccoli soup:

My dad putting on his crown:

This was my own recipe and the thing I was most pleased with, chestnut and goose liver agnolotti with fried sage:

Radishes and watercress:

Christmas Goose!:

Brussels Sprouts with Pearl Onions:

Roast Cauliflower with Pignoli and Anchovy Sauce:

Cinnamon Cabbage:

Goose Fat Mashed Potatoes:

Roast Filet Mignon:

GIANT Bacon Yorkshire Pudding:

(My mom burned her hands and dropped the pudding about two seconds later. :-( The pudding was okay but her hands were not).

More updates later! Work is...quiet this morning, though. I think there are only four or five of us here.

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Oh man, that food just made me hungry. I didn't think that would ever be possible again.

I seriously think I weigh four pounds more than I did when I left on Friday.

Friday we had bean and escarole pizza, then Saturday we had fried calzones & I made pomegranate Negronis & cinnamon spritzers, Saturday we had clam chowder & zeppoli for lunch and then we did the traditional Italian nine fish thing for dinner, except I didn't think to take pictures of the fish.

We have seven fish. And we start counting at about noon, so if we'd had the clam chowder we would of only had to eat six for dinner.

But it is just me and Ana, so getting through seven fish courses takes work.


The clam chowder actually counts as one of the fish, as do the zeppoli with anchovy filling. Then we had fried smelts, lobster, shrimp, scallops, crab, sardines, and, err, one other I'm forgetting right now.

Do you do the Baccala in your bathtub?

We haven't done baccala in a while because the kids won't eat it, but we do everything else.

We have a great big old metal bucket thing. But we haven't had it in a few years - I think it just takes too long for Ana to make on her own.

We had shrimp, calamari, muscles, clams, samon, swordfish, and tilapia.

That looks absolutely delicious. Even the stuff that I normally would be all "ew, gross" at.

Well, I don't like anchovies or Brussels Sprouts or cabbage, but they still look delicious, and I'd probably try them, despite knowing that I don't really like them.

The cabbage was actually awesome. It just tasted like sugar and cinnamon.

My dad has the same pjs as your dad! :)

All that food sure does look delicious . . . you're making me hungry, and it's only 4:30!

I <3 your dad, but I think I love your grandma more. She looks awesome!
And I know I told you this, put at least your family actually WEARS the paper hats!

My grandmother is completely unbearable to actually be around, unfortunately. She's totally looney tunes.

I didn't realize other people didn't wear the popper crowns. We have complicated games we play involving popper crowns that generally involve my father making an ass of himself in a totally endearing way.

My family tries to figure out the puzzles with no success and my Aunt Wanda just wears one topsy turvy, so you know, she looks like a gangsta.

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