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And Razzleberry Dressing!

Since my uncle's grandchildren were at their dad's for Christmas this year, we actually had a proper meal.

I made these pamplemousse cocktails out of Gourmet magazine that were delicious but not very pretty, so no pics of those. It was pretty much pomegranate simple syrup, honey, grapefruit soda, vodka, limes, ans sage (instead of mint, that was my change to the recipe, sage is really, really good in mixed drinks).

This picture is mainly for gildedage because she thought my grandfather was my dad at Thanksgiving :-P This is my dad, and yes, I look just like him.

Shmancy table setting:

I got a kangaroo on wheels out of my popper:


My mom got a rape whistle in her popper:

Broccoli soup:

My dad putting on his crown:

This was my own recipe and the thing I was most pleased with, chestnut and goose liver agnolotti with fried sage:

Radishes and watercress:

Christmas Goose!:

Brussels Sprouts with Pearl Onions:

Roast Cauliflower with Pignoli and Anchovy Sauce:

Cinnamon Cabbage:

Goose Fat Mashed Potatoes:

Roast Filet Mignon:

GIANT Bacon Yorkshire Pudding:

(My mom burned her hands and dropped the pudding about two seconds later. :-( The pudding was okay but her hands were not).

More updates later! Work is...quiet this morning, though. I think there are only four or five of us here.
Tags: christmas, food, holidays, photos
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