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cap, captain miss america


So, guys! Anyone who signs up for the service-- we are live but still very limited in functionality and we are depending on feedback from people who use it to make it better and cooler and more fun. We have a load of ideas for things that aren't implemented yet, and people who get involved now will definitely have opportunities to let us know what they think and make suggestions.

Also, I am writing the official company blog, Hubster. If you make something really cool on Hub, please, please, please send me the link. If your friends make something cool, send me the link. I need loads of fodder for stuff to feature. Webcomics, photoblogs, illustrated stories, foodblogs, or anything else image-heavy would be great. And specifically for my LJ friends: Any of you who submit a channel that I use as a feature will get a present from me. I am not sure what the nature of this present will be but it will most likely be drawn, photoshopped, or crocheted.

Please send us your feedback & have fun! Add me as a contact when you've signed up-- either as Tea or as Hubteam.

ETA: Going to the theater with my mom-- she got tickets to some play I've never heard of-- so I'll be back late-ish! But then I will gush more.

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lol you were not joking about overdoing the "Hub" theme.

I'll check it out more later; it looks nice! Congratulations!

Okay, I have an incredibly dumb question, but before I pimp this to the pro writers groups I am a member of... how do you do a blog on a cell phone? Are their content restrictions images/language.

In short is there an FAQ for the utterly mentally broken?

Hahaha the tools for blogging on the phone aren't together yet-- right now you can just read blogs and comment on them on the phone, but the mobile blogging will be live really soon.

If you want to play on your phone, log into your phone's browser and go to http://hub.netomat.net/wap

I am working on the workflow to make the phone stuff better and easier to use right this minute, actually!

As to content restrictions, absolutely not at this point. Right now we really want to be user-policed. All of our policy is available here:


Right now you can see our policy on content is "Some content will be child-friendly. Some will not."

Coolness! I sent my blog to the feed. I pimped you guys on my blog and I'm going to spread the word. It may take a while but this looks cool so you guys may get flooded.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

If you have any feedback, especially things you don't like or that were difficult, I would love to hear.

I'd love to help, but my phone is one of those models that only calls people. :|

We are a web service, too! You can use us on the computer without having phone service!

It looks cool! But, er, I don't know if I'm completely missing something or what but...what exactly is it?

It's a service that lets you subscribe to blogs from all different blog services all in one place-- so like if you want to read LJs and other blogs all in one place and comment on them, you can, and then you can make your own, and store pictures, and you can also read them all and comment from your phone.

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