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Big favor to ask you all!

I am working on our directory content & looking for blogs and other feeds I can add to our directory.

These can be any kinds of blogs or feeds that you enjoy, from anywhere. Or if you'd like me to include your personal LJ or blog (just so long as it's not a friends-only-only LJ because then none of the posts will show up), please let me know and I will add you.

I'm especially looking for people who have separate public art blogs, photo blogs, writing blogs, etc. Or if you read a really great personal blog (stuff from up & coming writers, artists and musicians would be super), those would be awesome, too.

ETA: DeviantArt galleries count!

But basically anything you read or that someone you know reads that uses RSS= awesome.


PS for those of you who are curious about my workplace, we have a new game. This new game involves a miniature football. Rules:

1) pick up football.
2) call someone's name like you need something from them.
3) lob football.
4) either applaud because they caught it or laugh at their misfortune when it hits them in the face.
5) football is now in the hands of your victim. it it their turn.

PPS, missbadexample, your CD is in the mail!

PPPS RIP quizzicalsphinx's beloved lost friend as she goes bravely marching into anaesthetized battle.
O! Radiant as a summer day,
You were no match for tooth decay.
Tags: blogs, football, work, work:netomat
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