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on retreat
cap, captain miss america
boy, there are a lot of things i want to respond to in my journal-- alcy, i want to check out your doll, megan, i saw your note & also good job!, umm, rick, have fun at city! i saw it in 1996 in a double feature with SPIDER BABY! and umm, kimiki...there was something you said i wanted to reply to and i forget what. pooh. i think those were my timely responses; i am at my parents' house re-couping, and i'll probably not be very responsive for a few days.


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Thank you Tea! I am proud of myself. I hope visiting your parent's does some good for you.

It's just a beta, nothing big yet..and please read the about.txt for what I plan to do with it! ^^ I also converted Adeldrei to palette format...

This is unrelated, but..*wearing the same exact bracelet Abhor has on in her icon*

Really? I love this bracelet! It irritates my wrist though, so I can't wear it for too long.

I love it, too. ^^ I have a small wrist, though, so it doesn't bother me unless it's hot or I've been leaning on it. Except...I didn't realize 'til after I bought it some of the spikes are uneven. x_x; You're Megan, right? *is Alcy*

Yup, that's me.

I've got sort of thicker wrists (for a girl, anyway), so that could be it.

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