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Twenty Stories High, Made of Radiation!
cap, captain miss america
In honor of President's Day, let's remember our great forefather, George Washington (Yes, everyone has seen this, but what better way to pay respect to our first and greatest mighty, superpowered, baby-eating president?

Or you could make a pie as pretty as ours is:

In other news, I am a badass! But I will tell you all why later. Until then, SUSPENSE. OH THE SUSPENSE.

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Six foot eight weighs a fucking ton.

I think you're a badass just for making that pie.

Re: Six foot eight weighs a fucking ton.

I cannot tell a lie. My mom did most of the pie-making. I just chopped down the cherry tree.

Noooo! Not the SUSPENSE! :O

I am now scared of George Washington. He is like Chuck Norris. I also am scared of your pie, but it looks tastey. I am also scared of the suspense.

Well, my mother told me that if you don't eat President's Day Pie, George Washington comes for you in your sleep and kills you.

But. . . I don't have pie! I'm not entirely sure when President's day is this year!

Can I have crepes instead?

Hee, I'm one of those people who gives in to temptation and reads the ends of books before I actually get there. I can't help it!

Happy George Birthington's Washday!

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