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I Love My City Part III

I really need to be in bed, but I really wanted to post these first.

So at like 1 am yesterday morning, cacophoneqsue told me about this! And how can you pass up a giant huge public pillow fight? Seriously? So I bagged up my pillow and headed over to Union Square and...

I had an awesome day, courtesy of much_reality, who totally surprised me by showing up for ten minutes and being completely adorable, and cacophonesque and her awesome buddies. We got totally and completely covered in feathers, although I think my hair took the worst hit of all. I am still achey from the middle of the pillow pit and very well may have lost some brain cells. But those brain cells did not die in vain! And then we went for lunch and I think I had the best grilled cheese and bacon EVER. And then we went to the Japanese market and perused the snack isles.

And then on my way home, I went to Times Square and got my photos for the day. And this one is just AMAZING.

I am not really awake enough to properly describe the experience, but it was hugely, hugely fun. And oh, man, giant pillow fight.
Tags: life, new york city, photos, pillowfight, union square
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