tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue


teaberryblue: I FOUND GHETTO PEEPS.
quizzicalsphinx: Do they have bling?
teaberryblue: Actually, they do.

Welcome to the world of the Marshmallow Pal, the Peeps' inbred bastard cousin.

These are them: The Marshmallow Pals. How can you pass up something that tries to out-peep the Peeps?

Their colors aren't as vibrant as peeps, but they appear to be wrapped similarly, in a little cardboard container with plastic stuff around them.


But under the plastic-box combo is ANOTHER plastic wrapper.

And then, once they're out of the second layer of plastic, they HAVE A PLASTIC TRAY. Man, these things could pretty much singlehandedly fill a landfill.

This is the only female of the four candies, a pink bunny with flowers. I think she's like the hootchie Smurfette of the Marshmallow Pals.


Then there is a boy bunny, who looks like he's meant to be purple, but he's actually more...gray. Actually, he could be a she. Or a hermaphrodite. There aren't any real gender labels on this one.

Then there is the first chick-duck thing. I think this one is supposed to be a duck because he is dressed like a sailor. A gay duck. I keep expecting him to start singing "June is Bustin' Out All Over."

This one is my personal favorite, and I've named him Leroy. He's another chick-duck thing, but he has more of a chick beak than the gay sailor duck-chick.

Leroy just has a nasty look on his face. I think he's the villain of the Marshmallow Pals

Also he has a mean bowtie. You don't mess with Leroy.

Biting into them, the frosting is kind of hard and the sugar tastes a little like food coloring. But on the inside, they are squishier than Peeps, which was a pleasant surprise. Here you can see the gooshiness of Smurfette!pal

In keeping with the grand old tradition of Peep Research, I had to see how the Pals stood up to at least one of the classic Peep tests. No explosion in the microwave-- the Gay Sailor Pal melted nicely at under 30 seconds at 50% power in the microwave. The frosting stood up to the heat, however.

I am happy to report that Melted Pal is quite delicious and they melt into a very consistent creamy goo, although I recommend a spoon for Melted Pal eating.

I would consider biting the heads off the Marshmallow Pals again! No real replacement for Peeps, though.

However, I may purchase another package to keep. I miss Leroy and his scheming ways.
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