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Oh! And!
I completely forgot this this morning when I was making birthday wishes.

So the subway= insanely crowded this morning. There was this group of kids on a field trip with a couple adults, one of whom, a woman a little older than me, appeared to be their teacher.

So I didn't hear how the conversation got there, but this is where I joined in:

Child #1: ...make you join the Dark Side.
Teacher/Field Trip Chaperone: And what exactly is the Dark Side, Christopher?
Child #1: It's Darth Vaaaaaader. (He said it just like that)
Child #2: No, it ain't! The Dark Side is when you're wearing basketball shorts and nothing underneath.

And that, my friends, is that.

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OOH! I <3 that conversation, like, x123284587. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And by Happy Birthday, I do mean to the friends. XP. Um, it sounded like I was saying it to you there.

And Happy Birthday to you, too! <3

Okay, that's just perfect :D

It's funny because it's true.

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