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In Which Tea Inadvertently Sends Mail to Cyprus.

So, yeah, I haven't been super around on LJ lately-- if I missed anything I should have commented on, I apologize. This week is going to be a little hectic; I will be online and available, just trying to finish a zillion things at once, so LJ seems to be on the losing end.

Saw 300 and The Lives of Others this weekend. Both were phenomenal and I highly recommend them. I did have to tentatively recommend 300 to my father, because every time I rec a bloody movie to him, he hates it. I saw Zodiac earlier in the week, and the previous week I saw Amazing Grace, Breach, and The Abandoned.

Anyway, the point is, I had to think about all the movies I'd seen and which one I would recommend to my father. The sad thing is that Breach was probably at the bottom of my list in terms of which I liked-- it wasn't a bad movie, I enjoyed it, and learning about the case was interesting, and I liked some of the characters, but it was not really anywhere near on par with the others and was a bit formulaic-- is probably the only one I could actually tell my father he would enjoy without reservation. But then he called me the other night to tell me he was watching the TRUE story of The 300 on The History Channel. He informed me that the events in the movie 300 are not accurate and are actually based on a comic book! I do not know what I would do without this insight! </deadpan> I love my father. I really do.

Still frustrated that The Namesake isn't playing anywhere super easy for me to get to-- I either have to get to the Angelika or the Paris if I want to see it. Hmm. Does anybody else in NY want to see it? Also for fellow NYers-- Have you guys been to SuperMac yet? If no, I am thinking field trip. Sunday is my brother's birthday, so I don't know what the plan is yet, and I'm not sure what I'm doing on Saturday because braving NYC during parade? Maybe I'll go take pics. But if someone wants to SuperMac with me, lemme know!

Finally, onto the subject of this post.

The Setup:Tea has a package to mail.

1) Tea goes to post office with $10 cash for buying a huge lunch at Pick-A-Pita and her credit card for paying to mail the package.
2) Tea waits on line for the automated postal machine to open up. The line is long.
3) Tea notices that at the self-service manual scale, there is only one person waiting. Tea thinks, ooh, that will be faster.
4) Tea gets on line behind the girl who is waiting.
5) The girl who is waiting weighs her packages. Somehow in this process, the girl in front of Tea, who is mailing her packages to China, sets the scale for international weighage.
6) Tea tries to weigh her package. Only the first three digits of the zip code for a city in Alabama which will remain nameless also are apparently the international code for the country of Cyprus.
7) Tea notices this, and, after much fiddling with the scale, cannot manage to get out of international mode.
8) Tea turns around to look for help. Guy behind her is cute but obviously gay.
9) The following conversation takes place:
Tea: Do you know how to work this scale?
CBOGG: You mean like this? (Places package on scale. Scale reads perfectly)
Tea: Haha like that. (Puts own package back on. Scale reads price for Cyprus)
CBOGG: (confounded) Here, let me try that. (Scale reads price for Cyprus. Puts own package back, scale reads price for US) Maybe because yours is heavier? I don't know. (Keeps messing around with it.)
Tea: It's okay, I didn't mean to make you figure it out. I was just hoping you knew.
CBOGG: No idea, sorry.
10) Tea lets all the people waiting behind her weigh their packages before trying again.
11) Scale still wants to send her package to Cyprus.
12) Tea looks around for a flat-rate box to use instead, because at least then there's no headache, and flat rate costs less than post to Cyprus.
13) Post office is out of flat-rate boxes.
14) The following dramatic monologue takes place:
Tea: Screw you, USPS!
15) Tea gives up and goes to buy enough stamps to send the package to Cyprus.
16) The following dialogue takes place:
Stamp Machine: I heard what you said about my fine employers, the US Postal Service! I am out of order and no longer taking credit cards.
Tea: Screw you, Stamp Machine! I have $10! (feeds money into mouth of objecting machine)
17) Tea addresses package to Alabama but puts on enough postage to send it to Cyprus. Crisis averted.
18) OR IS IT?
19) Machine gives Tea golden dollar coins as change.
20) Pita place doesn't take credit cards.
21) Tea resorts to buying soup with golden dollars.
Tags: daddy, life, movies
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