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cap, captain miss america

Only not really because she still can't buy alcoholic beverages for her residents, but still.

<3 Happy Birthday. I hope 20 is awesome for you.

You guys, kids, the kids I've known for years now, this goes for gildedage especially because it's her birthday and that's what made me think of it, but it goes for so many of the rest of you, too, even the ones I don't speak to often. I am so proud of all of you and the incredible, mature, amazing individuals you are becoming. I've known some of you so long now that I knew you when you were angsty little kiddies going through puberty and dealing with all kinds of teen woes, and I've watched you all grow up online, through your words and thoughts and I've seen so many incredible sides of you. When I read about what people like kalliona and bluenessmmd and dragonmagelet are doing now, and I remember them being twelve and thirteen years old, I sometimes boggle at the intelligent, mature young ladies they've become. And there are people like ardorintoxicate and steep who I knew lifetimes ago, when we were all crazy kids in a chat room up all night, and I read your words now, and I think, wow. There are way too many of you to name you all. seori, leaflette, sorcerorsock, lifechild. atomicfiction & sewertalk, both of you have gone from precocious kids to inspired artists with a real style of your own and a sense of you that comes out in what you do. There are more of you I know I'm missing a shout out to (like the one I am having dinner with tomorrow), but if I didn't list your name, consider yourself included, because I am thinking about you, too, this is just getting long. And there are some of you I've only know for a year or two, too, or people I know who were older when I met you, and this goes just as much for you. It's absolutely incredible to watch every single one of you grow up. I just needed to say that because I have a feeling that it's not something you all hear every day.

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Heh, yeah. It is weird, the whole growing up thing and seeing other people growing up...
Aww, all this stuff makes me feel both kind of nostalgic, and also all excited about the future.
Wow. Thanks. Heh, and happy birthday to the birthday girl.
Be happy!

It's cool for me because I am older than most of you, and I get to see you all go through a lot of the same stages of life I did-- not when I am, but not so long after that I forget what it is like to be at that point in your life.

Seriously! I remember meeting you and you being all little and cute and awww.

This is the part where I feel rather presumptuous for putting my two cents in (and also rather amused to note that I've evidently learned to say things like 'rather presumptuous' without feeling pretentious!), but since I'm a bit older and a little less neurotic these days I will say that that's awfully sweet of you. Ah, I remember the days when I was small and very nervous of Tea and quite amazed at how she was so omg!nice even though I was so young and omg. Eheh, funny how intimidating anyone older seems when you're fourteen.

And I know what you mean. It's really odd to think back and see how everyone's changed, but as Zoe says, it's quite exciting, too :) I suppose that is what I enjoy about LJ - you get to experience a bit of other people's lives. Which is nice, I think.

No, no, not presumptuous at all, but that's exactly it. You're another one of those people whom I've known since you were itty bitty (and actually another one of the people, along with amaskforophelia and superchicken04 and a good half a dozen others whose artwork just completely wows me now. And you were always talented, but being able to compare stuff you did a few years ago to stuff now? It's just amazing to see how far you've all come.

I think one of the things LJ and my other internet interaction has taught me is really how much I love interacting with teenagers. I know that a lot of people think it's a difficult age but I find teenagers to be completely fascinating; it's so amazing to watch kids become independent, capable young people. And I don't think if I had been limited to face-to-face interaction, I would have really considered people so much younger than me my peers. Here I do.

...Wow, THANK YOU. This post also makes me not want to post about getting a "You Did It!" Sticker from the optometrist today because I didn't roll my eyes back in my head when she shined bright lights in them. And, yeah, I picked out the sticker (it was hard, choosing between You Did It! Marvelous! and Penguins, but yeah!)
Thank you!

But I want to hear about your "You did it!" sticker!

teehee. i remember being little (gosh, was i only 12?) and being very much in awe of you and your adminliness.

but, yes, i definitely agree. i've known you guys for four/five/three years now, which is longer than i've known a lot of people, and i think it's really interesting as well. lj is so neat.

It really is. It's neat to see you guys go strike out and go do cool stuff! I hope there are pics coming from Carousel!

Thanks, Tea, you made me feel very happy.

And it boggles me that all you people have such a huge effect on my life, Shiver has got me heaps of friends all over the world, effectively meant that I have written three nanonovels, meant that I had a personal guide around Exeter university, I always have a good source of book reccomendations...

So, yeah, not only have you watched me grow up but you've influenced it too, and certainly for the good, and thanks :D.

You're so amazingly awesome, and it is so funny to think that you were just this kid when I started talking to you. You've turned into a really talented writer and a great person. <3


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