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How to shorten Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by 500 pages
cap, captain miss america

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Life would be so much easier for the Wizarding World if they'd just get with it and start using the internet.

OotP with the Internet:

BoyWhoL1ved80: Srs! R U kdinaped?
AngstyPup: no i'm rite here. kreacher is lookin at the fire 4 sum reazin. whassup?
BoyWhoL1ved80: Sum1 is tryin 2 keel u1!1@12!11
AngstyPup: 0 n0ez! I stay h0mez!
BoyWhoL1ved80: ok good.

I was already LMAO at the Craigslist stuff, and then I got to this post and noodles came flying out of my mouth with alarming velocity!

BoyWhoL1ved80: acci0 pr0nz?

TOTALLY random, but speaking of spells, I get to learn Harry Potter spells in Latin every so often! "Expecto" is coming up soon! It means "wait for, await, expect." Yay!!!

You forgot Harry's capslock!

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