tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
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Ah! Friday the Thirteenth crept up on me without warning! Happy Friday the Thirteenth, everybody! May you all see black kitties, break mirrors, and walk under ladders today!

As promised from yesterday, the rhymed couplets:

Strongly-worded Letter of Complaint to the Almighty

Who are you to take our heroes in our blackest hour of need?
Squelch the voices preaching mercy, leave us voices preaching greed?
Are you still the thing we pray to, that we ask to intercede?
There'll be no more Pater Noster, there'll be no Apostle's Creed.

Who are you to raise up villains while your hand slaughters a saint?
While I realize we're ephemeral, expendable, and quaint,
Is it just a laughing matter to spill insolence and taint
Till we fly no flags at half-mast, till we voice no more complaint?

Who are you to take serenity and leave us zealotry?
Who are you to shame our efforts till we lose our dignity?
Who are you to make the birds sing where our fallen corpses bleed?
Who are you to take our heroes in our blackest hour of need?
Tags: poetry, writing
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