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FINALLY my mother got me the pictures from Easter of the cocktails I made.

This is the Peeping Tom!


Top: 1 cup whipping cream, whipped + 1 shot campari + splash creme de menthe
Bottom: 2 limes, cut into wedges + 4 shots campari + 2 shots creme de menthe + half pitcher of ice + 1/2 cup fresh mint
Muddle in pitcher.
Add 6 shots gin

Strain and pour.
Add whipped topping.
Top off with a Peep.
Makes four drinks.

This is me and my grandma enjoying the Peeping Tom!

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That sounds stomach-curdlingly delicious! Also, your grandma is adorable.


No you don't! She is bulimic and vacuums five times a day!

Oh. :( Well, I want to be that cute. Can I be that cute without the bulimia and the vacuuming?

Possibly! If you're good! She also has a shoe fetish.

zomg, it looks delicious!!!

It was delicious! I had two!

I was also smashed off my ass.

I WANT ONE!!! Love the name too. Dammit, how come I've never thought to get drunk off drowned peeps before?!

Because they use the mind rays to deter you! If you let them get slightly stale, the mind rays lose their potency!

And you can make one! My mom thought up the name, we were in the car going to the grocery store to get Peeps to put in cocktails because I had just thought of doing it and we went through a bunch of names, like Peeparita and...and I forget, but I liked Peeping Tom best.

ALSO: They get kind of squishy and soak up the booze. Mmm.

(Deleted comment)
The name is courtesy of my mother!

It took me literally three minutes to "get" the name.

(Deleted comment)
It was! Surprisingly good for a completely improvised drink.

Haha. You really like those Peeps. :D

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