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Frostbite!? (!)

I went apartment hunting today! And actually seem to have gotten somewhere with it.

I found this nifty apartment right off 9th Avenue, that HAS A BAR IN IT, and a hallway that has got to be 15 feet long. I want the hallway just so I can stencil the lyrics to "Five and a Half Minute Hallway" on the wall. It would be AWESOME.

Also, did I mention IT HAS A BAR?

It's also six blocks from work. It is shorter to walk to work than my walk to the subway right now. ROCK.

But I am not getting my hopes up too much. Well, I am. But I shouldn't be, because NYC rentals? Insane. It's also contingent on whether the mgmt. company will be willing to put in a dishwasher, because I'm not taking another place without one.

So, fingers crossed. It's lovely location-wise and lovely space-wise.

On the OTHER HAND, I went out in the nor'easter to look at apartments, which means I was walking around in ABSOLUTE TORRENTS FOR FIVE HOURS. Jesus. It was insane. I am giving the agent my firstborn or something. Wow. Um, I think I said to quizzicalsphinx that I wanted to rent an Ark instead of an apartment by the time I was through doing that.

I had to run my feet under warm water for about 20 minutes to get ANY feeling back in them. It was insane. Everything was wet. I have never been so wet in my life except possibly for being under water, and I am not sure.

On to more important things:

I pretty much iconned everything anyone said in chat tonight. I'm posting them up so the people who want them can snag them. I doubt anyone who does not know what they mean would want them, though, they're mostly up for the people who were in chat and might have missed them. Comment if you take, please!

Damn, I should be in bed.
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