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Boo and Yay and other things about today.
So, no bar. :-(
The apartment got taken by somebody else. How, I have no idea, but it did. So back to square one. The broker had another apartment that was very similar, but to be honest, the kitchen kind of sucked and there was no bar, so no go on that one. Hopefully, he'll be able to take me out again tomorrow.

Anyway, I have thoughts about the horrible massacre today, but that's still brewing in my head. It's a sick, sick world where something like that can happen, and it makes me angry. It makes my heart cry for all the parents of those students, because their kids got killed away from home, in what should have been a safe place. And I don't know when they last got to see their kids or tell them they loved them, and that's just heartbreaking. God. I know that at least one person on my friends' list knew one of the victims, and I am so, so sorry for any of the rest of you who may have. I had two good friends die young in tragic accidents, and I can't express the depth of my sympathy.

Now on to happier things:

Zwartboek was fucking awesome. I love Paul Verhoeven to start with, and Sebastian Koch is fast becoming one of my favorite actors after this and The Lives of Others. Let me just take a superficial moment to say, oh my god, hottest Nazi ever.

That movie was truly awesome. Truly. I would put it up there on my list of best-ever spy movies. I just can't gush enough about it. Only I'm not going to, because like all good suspense films, it was truly suspenseful, and it was good in that the clues were all there to figure out what was going on, but they never hit you over the head with it. I loved it. Oh, and the colors and the...just, everything. It was really good.

And, under the cut-- pikacharma wanted to see my MASSIVE haul of new shoes from Delaware. The only thing I didn't by that I wish I had was an amazing pair of platform stiletto pumps, which is not the kind of thing I ever buy.

To preface, I am the kind of girl who usually only owns one or two pairs of shoes at a time. Usually black, usually slip ons, and one pair of dressier shoes. If my black slip-ons are in any way presentable, I frequently don't own dressy shoes. I generally have a pair of boots, and a pair of sandals for summer, and that's it.

But right now? I need to build up my arsenal of Clothes To Wear to Work, and the biggest problem with this whole Dressing for Work thing is that for the first time in my life, save for fancy dress parties, my shoes have to match what I'm wearing. Style-wise, color-wise. So I've managed in the past few weeks to go from owning two pairs of boots and one pair of the respectable black slip-ons mentioned above to enlisting the aid of FIVE NEW PAIRS OF SHOES. One of them are boring, black ankle boots, but the others are AMAZING-- so amazing I needed to share!

Also, enjoy the pictures of my hideous feet! Although if I had to pick one part of my body to be red and fat, I guess I could do worse than feet. I am, however, concerned that I am turning into my shoe-crazy grandmother. Who has...over 200 pairs of sandals. Imelda Marcos, look out!

Pair #1: These are my Audrey Horne shoes that I bought to wear to Colin's Twin Peaks Party. They are cherry red patent leather and I want to eat them.

These are my grown-uppy grown up brown shoes. They have no backs, which is nice because no backs= no heel blisters.

And these are the black mary janes I bought. They have this really pretty tooled leather. And cute!

And the piece de resistance! MY DIA DE LOS MUERTOS SHOES! WITH RHINESTONE SKULLS. These are clearly only for very very special occasions

Oh, and I forgot to add! I FINALLY got responses to my Craigslist Ads

Two! Both from Lucius Malfoy!

elikrei, you are apparently at fault for this!

>I think, my lord, that the Potter boy may be trying to get the
>locket before you. May I suggest a little more friendly
>encouragement next time to convince the muggles to let you into
>their confidence? Perhaps an emoticon or two? I've overheard that
>overgrown Weasley blither on about a colon followed by a closed
>parenthesis indicating friendliness between muggles. In any case, I
>will do make it my duty to discourage Potter from discovering the
>locket's location before you, my lord.
>Ever faithfully yours,

>Hello!!!! :) I saw your craigslist ad, and I think I know just what
>you're looking for :)!! You know, I'm pretty sure I found that very
>locket at the bottom of some lake with a giant squid in it. You
>should go check, and find out! :) :) Good luck!!! :)
>Keep in mind, no one has been reported to live through a meeting
>with a giant squid. Just give up, and stop trying to save the world,
>P. The part of the world you're trying to save doesn't deserve it.
>:) :) :)
>Say hello to the squid!!! :),

I want more responses!

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What happened was just so tragic. I teared up a little when I first read about it in the newspaper this afternoon.

But those are some damn hot shoes! Especially the red ones.

I love the red ones. The red ones seriously look like candy. Except you put them on your feet and wear them.

And it would probably be a bad idea to lick them.

Now that I've worn them all over Manhattan, yes. Probably.

Sus zapatos del dia de los muertos son fabulosos.

Viva zapatos!

Gracias, Senorita!

I almost bought those dia de los muertos shoes last week!! I think I may still need them. We might be shoe twins.

EEE shoe twins!

It was a hard decision-- because they had the same style shoes with pink pirate skulls and ones with big black pirate skulls and crowns or something...I don't remember, exactly. And like four other amazing pairs. But they were all fabulous.

Go get them! Clearly this is a sign!

All of those shoes are really cute. Particularly the Dia de los Muertos ones!

Also, great responses to your ad. :D

I was so excited! Someone finally replied!

Also, if you google "craigslist locket" I am the first thing that shows up!

She is Harry Potter-obsessed and was posting random things on Craigslist. I thought it was a perfect match. :-)

Hallo! I've been directed here by miss elikrei because of the whole craigslist thingum (L.M., at your service). So, I just wanted to say hi! and mind if I friend you?


Sure! Go for it!


And I'm seriosly thinking about checking out craigslist just so I can see some of the batshit that goes on there because of horribly evil delinquents like you. XP

callmecaito is the delinquent! I'm just trying to serve the Dark Lord!

Aaaahohmygosh, your shoes are too cute! I want to steal them!

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