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Apartment Take Two

So after I lost my apartment with the bar, I went out last night to look at more apartments without bars.
They were clearly inferior, having no bar, but they were actually pretty damn fine. I had a hard time deciding which one to put the application in on.
I finally picked one that was in not as nice shape as the other two but that was on the third floor and had really big closets. The other ones were beautifully finished but on the fifth floor, and I didn't like the layout quite as well.
This one is a block closer to work than the last one.
Fingers crossed. Again.

Here's the door to the apartment! I just took pictures of doors of apartments I was looking at so I could remember which pics went with which apartments.

Kitchen! Only they are going to put a dishwasher in for me, I hope. That's the one thing we're working out now.

World's Biggest Closets. In the living room.

Bathroom. Will be getting a complete re-finish, so you can ignore the icky tiles.

Windows in bedroom!

BONUS PICTURE OF ME. Usually I come out looking like suck in pictures. I don't know why, because I think I am fairly cute in person, but so not photogenic at all. Here? I actually look cute for once. Yay.

Also, Colin is having a Twin Peaks party on Sunday. I am going as Audrey Horne. I have the skirt, I have the top, I have the shoes (the red ones I posted the other day), but alas, I spent last night attempting to get my hair to wave instead of curl in ringlets and I ended up looking more like I was from Hairspray than from Twin Peaks. Still no idea how to get it to work. I need it to look like this. I know it won't be exactly like that, but Marilyn Monroe-esque waves would really help. Otherwise, I'll probably cave and buy a wig, but it's so much more awesome if it's my actual real hair. Does anyone know a thing about getting curly hair to do ANYTHING but curl or frizz? I tried blowing it straight last night to no avail, then I tried a big-barrel curling iron, also to no avail. Shucks.
Other thing I've been thinking: Does anyone know good tutorials or tips online for drawing clothing? It is the one thing I consistently suck at and can't figure out how to do right no matter how many sketches I do from life. Any suggestions would be muchly muchly appreciated.
Tags: hair, housing, life, photos
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