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Project Audrey, part two

Okay, so, seriously, I have to totally thank balcarin,butterbuns,joannabanana23,liret, and the rest of you for all your hair advice. Jesus. I never thought getting my hair straight would take an entire team of styling experts.

So now it's straight. It took me five hours to get it straight. It's still very, very frizzy, but it's straight. But it's not wavy. I tried using the big barrel curling iron but it really doesn't seem to work to do much to my hair. Maybe my mom will want it. So I'm trying regular old-fashions curlers at the moment. I have two of them in overnight to see if they give me the right effect. If not, I guess I'm back to square one. Tomorrow if these don't work, I'll try washing it and putting curlers in when it's wet the old fashioned way.

Sheesh. This is totally lame, but now that I've taken up the challenge, I want to get it right! I am nothing if not persistent!

Beneath the cut are pics of the process since liret wanted to see the frizz! And also, I wanted to show all those of you who helped out that your effort was not in vain.

So, liret informed me that if my hair was a total pouf, it was called progress. This was about as far as I got last night and thought it was a total failure. Tonight, I attempted to accept that looking like a brillo pad is progress.

I couldn't get it as straight as I had hoped, but this was the level of straightness I achieved. Also, check out my awesomely lime green pajama shirt. So this is about as straight as I could possibly get it. It's not Audrey Horne, because that requires waves, which is the next step. But it's something.

Here's another more closeup pic. At least my lipstick is Audrey colored. I'm wondering if I need to do the beauty mark too.

Fingers crossed for curlers working!
If anyone has any advice on curlers, that would be awesome. I never knew there was this much to know about hair before! Generally I am a rinse-and-run sort of girl.

Man, I'm so lame. But my hair is straight.
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