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Project Audrey, part two
audrey, palms
Okay, so, seriously, I have to totally thank balcarin,butterbuns,joannabanana23,liret, and the rest of you for all your hair advice. Jesus. I never thought getting my hair straight would take an entire team of styling experts.

So now it's straight. It took me five hours to get it straight. It's still very, very frizzy, but it's straight. But it's not wavy. I tried using the big barrel curling iron but it really doesn't seem to work to do much to my hair. Maybe my mom will want it. So I'm trying regular old-fashions curlers at the moment. I have two of them in overnight to see if they give me the right effect. If not, I guess I'm back to square one. Tomorrow if these don't work, I'll try washing it and putting curlers in when it's wet the old fashioned way.

Sheesh. This is totally lame, but now that I've taken up the challenge, I want to get it right! I am nothing if not persistent!

Beneath the cut are pics of the process since liret wanted to see the frizz! And also, I wanted to show all those of you who helped out that your effort was not in vain.

So, liret informed me that if my hair was a total pouf, it was called progress. This was about as far as I got last night and thought it was a total failure. Tonight, I attempted to accept that looking like a brillo pad is progress.

I couldn't get it as straight as I had hoped, but this was the level of straightness I achieved. Also, check out my awesomely lime green pajama shirt. So this is about as straight as I could possibly get it. It's not Audrey Horne, because that requires waves, which is the next step. But it's something.

Here's another more closeup pic. At least my lipstick is Audrey colored. I'm wondering if I need to do the beauty mark too.

Fingers crossed for curlers working!
If anyone has any advice on curlers, that would be awesome. I never knew there was this much to know about hair before! Generally I am a rinse-and-run sort of girl.

Man, I'm so lame. But my hair is straight.

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Wow! Your hair looks wonderful!

Thanks! It feels too poufy to me to wear it anywhere out of the house like this, but I was impressed with the results.

Wow! It looks awesome. If I would have known beforehand I would never have though you could get it that straight.

Hahaha thanks, I was suspicious too. It still feels too poufy and frizzy to me, and I hate the way the ends feel straight-- now I know why people with straight hair have problems with split ends! But it was an exciting project!

As much as I love curlers, I've only ever used the pins, but here are a couple things I picked up in my travels:

1. Make sure you curl your hair onto the curlers in the same direction every time and that each piece of hair going onto the curlers is roughly the same size
2. If you put a little bit of styling product onto the piece of hair before it goes onto the curler, there's a better chance it will stay about the size of the curler and won't loosen as much.
3. Since your hair is super thick, you might need extra curling pins to hold the roller in place. Bobby pins won't work because they'll leave a bump in the curl.
4. The larger the curler, the looser the curl
5. For the big, extra curly curl, start the curler at the base of the hair and wrap the rest around it that way. But I think that with the length of your hair. If those curls are too big, then start at the end and curl into the base of the hair.
6. After they're set, pick the curls apart with your fingers to thin them out a bit and style it with your hands, never a brush.

I don't know what kind of rollers you got, but I found this online:

Magnetic rollers add smooth curl and volume. Because they are used to set wet hair, they offer long lasting curl.

Velcro rollers provide soft curl and full body, and can be used on either damp or dry hair. These are good choices for short or fine hair and hair that breaks easily, since they don't need to be clipped in place. However, if your hair is long or thick, you might need to use clips to keep Velcro rollers in place.

Foam rollers give curl to fragile hair and are best used when your hair is dry; they're even soft enough to sleep on.

Snap-on rollers and brush rollers hold hair securely, but they can damage your hair and are therefore not usually recommended.

Plastic mesh rollers are best used on wet hair. They help hair dry quickly and create smooth curls.

Flexi-rods and hair twirlers are long, flexible cushioned rods designed to create spiral curls without the use of pins or clips.

Hot rollers and steam rollers, available in a variety of diameters, are used on dry hair to create long lasting curl and minimize frizz. Both types are less damaging to hair than irons. Hot rollers are faster to use -- you have to wait for steam rollers to dry before taking them out. However, steam rollers are the gentlest way to get soft, full curls. When using either type of heated rollers, carefully wrap small sections of hair, making sure the ends are tucked in.

Eek. That should say:

"But I think that with the length of your hair"... and the thickness, that might get a little too poofy for what you're going for,

And I forgot to mention... "As straight as you could get it" is pretty damn straight-looking to me. I still think you should go as Audrey with a perm =p

I can't help you with curlers, because I've never used them, but I just wanted to offer some general curly-hair advice. My hair is almost exactly like yours. My curls are slightly looser, and my hair is a lot longer, so the weight of the hair pulls down the curls a little bit, but our hair is essentially very similar.

The products I use to defrizz are Pantene Pro-V's Curl Defining Gel and Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel. Both are inexpensive, and both work really well in defining curls and getting rid of frizz (especially in combination, I've noticed). Another option, slightly more expensive but also slightly more effective, is John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum.

yay curly hair!

Haha, thanks!

I have a veritable arsenal of curly-hair products at the ready. The best stuff I've found so far is Samy's Get Curls, which I like much better than anything I've tried from Frizz Ease, whose products never seem to do anything, with the exception of one smoother I used that isn't their base product.

I also recently started using another curly hair product, I think from Go2B, that works really well-- after I do my own hair this morning, I'll get you the name. Also, Tigi Curls Rock Conditioner and Control Freak Shampoo are my best friends.

Hee! That's awesome that you were able to get it so straight. Definitely add the beauty mark for the costume/outfit. :D

The waves didn't come out though. Trying the wet curler method tonight. :-/

Holy cow, your hair is thick! You did a good job, though. It's definitely straight! In the future, if you want to go straight, the longer you can go without washing your hair, the less poufy and more "slick" looking it will get. Of course, it will also get oily and stinky, but it's totally worth it, right? :-P

I wish you luck with the curlers. I use this set:


and they work fine for me, but I have to put all the curlers in my hair, let them set, then put them all back in again because there just aren't enough rollers for my hair. Your hair is waaaaay thicker than mine, so I imagine you'd be at it forever!

As for the curling iron thing, I think maybe your barrel was too big. Mine is larger than a regular curling iron, but not one of those super giant ones. I think those would be more suited for curling under or flipping out the ends of the hair. Maybe try a smaller one, and make sure it gets really, really hot.

Or, instead of spending all this money buying curlers and products, and all this time trying to figure this out, you could just go to a salon and have them do it for you! LOL! :-P

Now you've inspired me to straighten my hair, which I haven't done in close to two years!

Haha, getting it done in the salon would cost about $250. This is still cheaper than that.

I just remembered!! The first picture I ever saw of you, you had poufy hair. Not that poofy, but it was still impressive.

Oooh, wow. Well done you! That's amazing XD Y'look preeeetty!

Thanks! If this were "Try to look like Sarah from Labyrinth Day" I would be all set. Unfortunately, it is no.

WOW. You have the most hair I've ever seen xD Great job with the straightening :D!!

Haha thanks, this is why I didn't do a LOST post last night!

The best pic of my hair ever is the one I just posted back to liret above.

Your hair looks great! It's awesome, anyway. :P

Yay, thank you! I am doing the curlers now so you'll get to see those tonight!

OOh, I like the straight hair! It looks awesome. To help with it, though, I juse this "curl-enducing" creme thing, its pretty cheap. I have crazy Irish girl fro hair, normally, and this gets it all calm and easy to straighten. Its called Tez:Spiral Splendour from L'Oreal.

I used Curlers ONCE for an audition and they didnt do much. Then again, my hair is defective :P

I'm hoping that because I'm using the curlers to smooth out instead of curl up, it'll work fairly well-- my hair can't curl up if it's stretched over something, right?

But thanks for the product rec-- I know your hair is really thick like mine.

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