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cap, captain miss america
Haha so. I am totally using Maciej's office because there is construction going on over on my side of the office. And the concentrating?


So I have my own office today. Which is awesome.

Anyway, Jesus. I keep not updating and meaning to and I have all kinds of things I meant to post like, ages and ages ago.

Let's start here. People apparently are not sick and tired of looking at my hair. Because people keep asking me for final pics from when I went hair-crazy. So! Here are a few select pics of the final costume!

And now I promise you will never see another picture of my hair again.

Last Sunday (not the past one, the one before), I went and got my hair cut. At Supercuts! $23. I just went in for a trim but the lady played around with my hair. I have done such embarrassing things to my hair that this never bothers me. I figure with my hair, the worst thing that can happen is I look glam rock for a couple months. Anyway! She used thinning shears on it, and my hair feels like-- well, it doesn't feel like my head is dragging me down anymore! This is probably good for my back, neck, and all kinds of other things.

Anyway, because my hair is so fuzzy, when I come out of a salon, the first thing I do is go home and wash it and condition it, because otherwise it's impossible to tell what it's going to look like.

Hmm. So. Hair, more hair...Last Thursday I went out with a bunch of my coworkers and we had mojitos and then wound up walking around the Lower East Side with an unhinged door, which was, well, probably one of the most supremely ridiculous and fun nights ever. And the DOOR. HAHAHA. Oh my god. Still funny. We also met The Cowboy and The Rabbi, who are not actually the lead-in to a "walked into a bar" joke. And had German food.

Hahahaha door.

The door was seriously awesome. It had a mirror on it, and we took all kinds of photos looking into the mirror but I am not posting those in my journal because I don't know how my coworkers feel about my plastering their faces all over the place. But suffice to say, most hilarious ever. Ever. In, like, ever. It was a green door.

Mmmm what else? Oh! So, Saturday, I know was Cinco de Mayo, but it was more importantly, DERBY DAY. My family is totally into Derby Day and this is the point where I share with you the most importantly important thing about Derby Day:


A small handful of mint leaves plus one nice sprig.
1 Tb Powdered sugar
2 Tbs water
21/2 oz. Maker's Mark or other bourbon.

Put the mint and powdered sugar in a glass.
Add the water and mash it all with a fork for about a minute.
Now put in the ice and shake it around a bit.
Add the bourbon.

On Saturday I also went to see Spiderman 3, which was in my very valued estimation the suckiest suck ever to suck. In other words, it sucked.

On SUNDAY, I went with my parents to look at two houses they are considering. One was very nice. The other was OH MY GOD I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN. It is a reconstructed barn! Like, with sliding barny doors and A HAYLOFT INSIDE THE HOUSE. Oh my god. It was droolworthy and I really hope they put an offer on it. It was a little bit out of their price range, but you never know. I have pics, but they're on my camera and I don't have it with me. Guh.

In other news! I move in EXACTLY ONE WEEK to my new apartment. I am so completely stoked. Fuuuuck I also have to pack. I am giddy and excited and whee! I called the cable yesterday and they are coming the day I move in to hook it up. Oh, shit. I guess that means I need a TV there. Hmm. I will have to figure that out.

But whhheeeee.

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Oh, the hair obsession has you in its grip now. It's just waiting for another drop in your self-restraint, so it can wrap its curler-esque tentacles around your soul. Aheh.

... that translates vaguely as 'It turned out really well! Wow!'

As for Spiderman 3: did it just suck in comparison to the other films (*cough*X-men 3*cough*), or is it actually unwatchably sucky? Heaven knows movies cost so much these days that I'm rather off seeing things just for the sake of it.

It was pretty well unwatchably sucky.

It was like, okay, you know how the first two Spiderman films have like cool action and plot development and then sort of lame attempts at interpersonal relationship plots?


It was bad the way a squid attacking a baby buffalo in a pool of rotten chocolate milk swarmed by giant mosquitoes is bad.

I think it is a pretty good gauge of how specifically bad it was!

Hahaha thanks! I should just keep posting hair pics, everyone seems to like them!

I so watched the Derby! It was a pretty impressive one, too. Of course, basically my mom insists that I watch any horse racing event. She thinks she's the reincarnation of Seabiscuit.


It was an impressive one! And man, that jockey! How awesome for him. He was so cute, he like completely teared up and couldn't stop crying.

Oh man, that jockey absolutely made it for me! I swear he couldn't stop alternately bouncing and crying. Heh, I was also fascinated by his Cajun accent; I haven't heard one of those in ages. The horse (Street Sense?) was a bit of a cutie as well, in that motley way that makes one think there's no way it can race. Obviously he can.

Love the third picture up there by the way. You definitely capture the Audrey vibe in that one.

And, seriously, I hate the Spider-Man movies. My ex likes to take me to mock them, but they get so interminably long that it becomes tiring. What the hell is with the fucking pacing of the dialogue in those things? I swear, any time some supposedly relevant interpersonal scene comes up, Raimi must tell them to speak as much like William Shatner as possible.

I didn't mind the first Spidey movie so much, the second one I just sort of started going, okay, why is this movie so focused on Mary Jane's wedding? Because this is interesting how? And this one, oh god. I kept looking at my phone; I almost left so I could jet to see Civic Duty instead, but Venom didn't come into it so late that I was torn between actually GETTING TO SEE THE FREAKING VILLAIN WHO BARELY HAD ANY SCREEN TIME AND NO DRAMATIC BUILDUP and I stupidly stayed. Haha sorry if I'm spoiling anything; I don't really think that movie can be spoiled since NOTHING HAPPENS.

Right now I am just mad at everyone who went Thursday and Friday nights who obviously didn't get the word out as to JUST HOW HORRIBLE IT WAS. I think if Pirates or Transformers is this bad, I'm going to be scarred for the rest of the summer.

And thanks! I know I look nothing like her so the second best thing was to approximate the style as much as humanly possible. I think I did okay! Apparently one of our other friends was planning to dress as Audrey and Colin actually called her and told her she wasn't allowed because he guessed that's who I was going to be :-P

That hair is amazin'! :D You win!

See, I thought Spiderman 2 sucked so badly, I could only imagine how badly Spiderman 3 would be. I never understood why everyone was so hyped to see it.

I thought 2 was mediocre but not a complete failure in that there were bits that were promising enough that I hoped they'd be able to fix it in a third movie. Also I really wanted to see the stuff they did with Harry once he found out about his father.

Which they kind of totally dropped the ball on. It was lame :-(

It turned out great! I need to memory this entry for the mint julep recipe. I've been wanting to try one, and I have a fresh supply of mint (spearmint and peppermint) growing in my garden. Which mint do you recommend?

I use peppermint, usually. I'm just not a spearmint fan, but you could probably get a nice taste if you mix them. I also really like mixing in sage with my mint, but I didn't do that this time!

You can also substitute the bourbon for rum and add some limes (about half a lime, chopped up into cubes, per drink) and you have a rough approximation of a mojito, but I should do a real mojito recipe before we get into summer!

Mmm Mojito!

Thanks! I'll keep all of that in mind!

I think that you should have a seperate hair journal!


But you could say that it was ART! And finally you could have a huge gallery made up only of pictures of your hair! And then you'd sell it and get lots of PIRATE GOLD.


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