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Lots of bits & pieces.

--Am packing for moving. Whoa.
--The subway broke down on the way home from work today. If there is anything to make me thrilled to be not commuting EVER again, it is that. Two more commuting days, and then I am through with that for good.
--I took my mom on a walk through my new neighborhood yesterday. We walked past my building, and the door was propped open. So we went in. I took her upstairs to my apartment-- and the door was wide open. The construction's not finished yet, but WOO. So my mom got to see it. Also, both of my parents approve of the location. This is the first time my father has EVER not started talking about how he didn't like the security.

Important Pirate Service Announcement
I went over to the TSQ movie theater and they didn't have tickets on sale yet. I'm going to go back tomorrow and see. spiralstairs, cacophonesque, do you guys want me to buy your tickets?

Does anyone else want to go? Last call for me to buy tickets for people! If you are from out of town, you are welcome to crash.

So, it took me till now to realize that the whole man behind the curtain thing is bringing back in the Oz references with Benry. I am an idjit.

Also, does anyone notice the pattern with Sawyer having touching moments with other people's dead or dying daddies? I think this is important.

Finally, in the Bible, Jacob is Benjamin's father. But there's also Joseph in the Bible. Hrm.

I wrote some cool automatic writing on the subway yesterday, and I meant to post it, but I forgot my notebook at work. Boo. Hiss.

I did, however, see something brilliant on the way home today. So, there's a high school a couple blocks from my apartment. And apparently AP tests were today. Because someone had written, in white chalk, on the sidewalk DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE SCHOOL something about AP EXAM ANSWERS and a whole bunch of letters with answers next to them. And then it said I HAVE AP EXAMS ALL DAY.

It was pretty hilarious.

Oh, and question-- does anyone here have a Second Life account? I've been asked to do a little research about them.
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