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I had turkey and milk for lunch. I am falling asleep from the Tryptophan.

Seriously. I almost just fell asleep at my boss' desk.


Also, I would like to inform you all that T-Mobile is evil and requires innocent little art-nerd companies like ours to drown the text messages we send in all kinds of disclaimers that aren't even true. I want them to go away :-( I want my text messages to be all free and happy and full of rainbows.

What else? Hmm. Um. OH! Okay, so:

Pirates Service Announcement

They are having shows before midnight on Thursday! They have one at 8 but liret doesn't think she can get in by then so I bought tickets for the one at 11:35 pm. Tickets are paid for, they were $12 each, but $1 of that was me being lazy and booking online, so you guys can give me $11 each. I have four, if anyone else wants to come, just buy a ticket for the 42 Street Regal E-Walk Theater showing at 11:35 on May 24th. They sell them on Fandango.



You know how I said I did automatic writing on the subway the other day?


He was purple in June.
Newer shoes could not go:
Alphabetically or so they said there was never time for anything else, nothing greener, nothing greyer. Vanilla jokes and velvet smiles were all pushed back. Pushed Away. Vampirically, they came. They sang. They danced. They left. And all without a sound. Nothing to betray their insouciance. Algebraic equations rocked the concrete, churning it foamy.
Sadly, there was no time. Has they known what was to come, perhaps they would have prepared in a more convenient way. But when it rushed forth, they were caught with no recourse but to sing. To break their own hearts, and callously. Cruelly. Never once could they look back, looking in that direction. Seeing the granularity of the past made clear was too harsh and painful. And ran their eyes raw with tears. Tears that no amount of vanity could mop up. Exercising for a moment the clause of their inevitable failure.

That was when the subway stopped! And there ends the train (pun so totally not intended) of thought.

Hahaha I think I am making no sense. Sleepy.
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