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Art and stuffs
cap, captain miss america

So the maggoty purse is gone and and and and and...

I am at work. Saturday, I saw Waitress, which was surprisingly better than I expected. It is totally worth seeing just for ANDY GRIFFITH AS A CROTCHETY OLD MAN. Amazing. I was watching it and it was like, oh, man, this guy is still comic gold. Nathan Fillion was also great in it (although the twang doesn't so much work when he's supposed to be from Connecticut) and even Keri Russell was good, independently of her hair. The supporting cast was excellent and some of it seriously cracked me up. It's not an OMG you must see this in the theaters type of movie because it's really just a silly goofball romantic comedy, but definitely see it on DVD.

Yesterday, I had dinner with my parents. This was not supposed to happen as my mother was away, but she came home early so I ran up to do the Mommy Day thing with her. Which was good. I also went to do my laundry and the woman who runs the laundromat was lamenting because her mother has ARRANGED A MARRIAGE FOR HER. She was telling me the whole long story and I was cracking up, which was terrible because this was actually happening to her. It sounded like ever bad meddling mother stereotype ever. Including things like:

"So I said to her, Mom, I'm not marrying a stranger. And she said, "He's not a stranger. I know him very well."

"When were you going to tell me? Honey, I told you at Christmas that I was going to arrange a marriage for you. I thought you were joking!"

"Mom, I don't want to get married again. Look how it turned out the last time. Yes, but he was Catholic."

And so on and so on. It was seriously one of the most absurdly hilarious things I've ever heard. Except I feel so sorry for her. Only not really because oh my god funny.

Also! I drew two pictures this weekend that I am really proud of. I haven't done enough drawing lately, so this was awesome.

The first one is one I've been working on coloring for a couple weeks. I usually just lay on my paths and colors like a lazy sod. This time I actually was very careful about them. I am pretty proud of the final result:

You can tell I got impatient once I finished the face and just wanted to get him up which is why the clothes and background suck.

The second one is a revamp of another pic I did.

In that, I actually went back and made it good.

Character belongs to quizzicalsphinx

I have another picture I'm working on that should be finished tonight.

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I didn't know you drew! :)

Those are very nice, his hair looks very luch and touchable. rawr.

Thanks! The hair is what took me the majority of the two weeks.

I draw a ton! Not as much recently but I go through spurts of drawing all the time and then don't for a while. I have a gallery up here:


I'm definitely going to check this out later when I'm at home (yay for being at work!).

And, the bomba icon reminded me, are you super excited like me that Pan's comes out on DVD tomorrow? I'm gonna hop over to Best Buy asap after work and pick it up.


I am pretty stoked. It's going to have to wait, though, because I have to move into my new apartment tomorrow!

AHH that is terrible!

Hopefully there is somewhere that is open 24/7 (or late enough) that you can snag it at. I know Target is going to have the 2-disc for the same price as Best Buy... It would be totes not worth it to get the single disc. However, if that movie drops on Criterion, you know I'm going to get it. Hell, Santi needs some Criterion love! They have all of Wes Anderson's stuff on Criterion (when some aka Life Aquatic really shouldn't be) and something by Cuaron that was done pre-Y tu mama, so why not some del Toro?

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