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General Updates
audrey, palms
Apartment: I have a fridge, but no oven or dishwasher or air conditioning or smoke detector. I am supposed to be moving stuff in this evening so apparently I am going to have to move all my stuff over there and then live in the empty apartment that actually has appliances.

I am not going to pay any rent for the days that the apartment isn't completely ready.

I do, however, have a ceiling hook. Which means I need to get a hanging lamp or a hanging plant. Have to decide.

But why decide when I can ask y'all to?

Poll #987288 Plant or Lamp?

What should Tea hang from the hook?


If other, please state:

I am significantly less stressed today. Yay!

Now, for those of you who have been saying you are jealous of my dreams, here is where you may or may not stop being so.

Probably the only people who care about this are me and quizzicalsphinx and themis, who happened to post about it the other day, but Becket, the slashy 1960s movie about Henry II and Thomas a Becket (Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton, respectively) finally came out on DVD the other day. This is a big deal.

Anyway, I had a dream that was the modern day remake of Becket. It was much slashier than the original. Explicitly so.

That is pretty much the extent of the dream. They also fixed the historical inaccuracies, which doesn't matter so much.

I think my subconscious was telling me I kind of need to go buy the DVD.

ETA: quizzicalsphinx just informed me that Lloyd Alexander died.

Besides the part where all my childhood heroes are apparently abandoning this mortal coil, this is another one that is particularly important to me because when I was eight years old, I went to see Lloyd Alexander read at a local bookshop.

A week later, I got a letter from him thanking me for the opportunity to meet me.

He was such a kind and wonderful, warm, affectionate man. I wrote to him a few times and saw him a few times when I was a kid and he was just a lovely, lovely person.


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I actually have a few of those somewhere, from Boston! Don't know where I put them, though.

I have one that's in Thalia's room right now, I'd like to get a few more, but, uh, I need money first. :)

If I find mine and don't end up using them in my apartment, I will mail 'em to you. They're probably in a storage facility in Albany right now, though :-(

Aww, that would be awesome of you. I know how that is though, with storage units in other places. I pray my records are still in one in Texas, but it's not seeming likely. *sigh*

Plants are pretty! Lamps are good too though, depending on what sort of lighting you have in your apartment.

Also: OMW Becket! It has been forever since I've seen that film. I shall have to watch it again sometime soon. :D


Mmmmmm. Definitely jealous of that dream. Hmm. Becket would probably do fairly well with a more updated version. Fixing the inaccuracies and trimming the time a bit...

Well, obviously. Just as long as they don't cast Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

I should have said infidels instead of traitors in my answer. Rats!

Infidels are okay, too! We don't discriminate!

I vote for some sort of interesting hanging dealie. Like a wacky mobile, or the like. I want to hang fish on strings from my ceiling.

I used to have fish hanging on a fishnet over my bed. It was fun.

And then a mouse somehow climbed up the netting then strangled itself, so I awoke to hung mouse swinging over my bed.

So then I got rid of all my hanging things.

Yikes! I doubt I will have much of a problem with mice inside ever...while they aren't mousers to any degree (they wouldn't know what to do with them), I always have cats, which just by their existence are a deterrant (except for the time when one of them snuck out to bring a mouse in for a present for me because he knew I was coming home from school, and was stopped before leaving the live mouse in my bedroom, so he just let it free in the kitchen and then they all proceeded to ignore it whilst it climbed curtains and lived under the piano until we could trap and release!). Of course, they're also the reason that hanging fish have to be at least head height, and suspended away from any surfaces upon which they can climb or perch.

My high school Brit Lit. class watched pclips from Becket as part of our Chaucer unit. Mostly I remember that it actually had music that went dun dun DUN at an important moment.

A ceiling hook sounds like the perfect place to hang your underwear from!

Oh great, now Lloyd Alexander.

I swear to god, there's some metaphysical war on good literature going on. I blame the lack of interest in books in today's youth.

I know. I said earlier, I need to write to Susan Cooper before she drops dead.

You better do that before the Dark is Rising movie comes out then.

I've been intending to write to her for a while just because of the movie. I actually used to write to her fairly often when I was a kid and she sent me a couple letters where she talked about trying to get a movie made.

It's really cool that she's write you back!

It'd be interesting to hear her thoughts on the movie, especially on the changes to the Staunton family.

Juuuust thought I'd let you know - ever since I told you I was jealous of your hugely detailed dreams I started having really epic, bizarre ones myself. Obviously you have MAGICAL DREAM POWERS.

Oh, they're nowhere near as interesting as yours - they were about me! And by now I've forgotten half the detail.. but yeah, I haven't had such vivid dreams in quite a long time.

At first I thought you wrote down "lamb", like in a butcher shop. You probably shouldn't hang that on the hook though.

Hi! I'm a slyth from H_E. I've seen you around and you seem nifty. May I add you? :D

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