tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Dear Karma Fairy,

I arrived home from my trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin to discover I had no electricity and all the food in my fridge had gone bad.

Why, you ask? Why did this happen?

Because the previous tenants owed the power company $2000 and they had apparently not been informed that the previous tenants had been evicted.

So my power was shut off.

This prompted me to go cry in Kris' office for a bit, at which point he bought me ice cream. I have the best bosses ever, just in case you all don't know this.

In the broiling weather we had yesterday, this amounted to a sheer impossibility of sleeping in the city without AC, so I told my parents I would be on the 6:52 train to Mount Kisco.

Then, at 6:30, my A key on my laptop stopped working.

I restarted my laptop.

Then, all the keys except for bcghos and z stopped working.

Then, all the keys except for S stopped working. And the S key would not stop working. It kept typing and typing and typing away with no assistance from yours truly. It would not stop typing.

So Maciej tried to fix it. Still no luck. So Kris loaned me his old computer. Again with the best bosses ever bit.

Anyway, at this point, I could only catch the 7:52 and I was an hour late to my parents'. Which was fine, because the road was flooded out and I still spent about a half-hour stranded at Starbucks whilst they tried to figure out how to get to me in the rainstorm.

Then I got back to their house and there was a conflict with their network because the landlords put in a wireless network with the same name and IP address. So I had to fix the network. That was a minor problem.

Go to work today. Get set up with another computer (the one I'm on now) and our ops guy is taking care of getting mine fixed. Yay. Go home at lunch, check electricity. On. Yay.

Get home from work.

Electricity, on.

Water? No so much. I now have no water.

What evil, terrible thing did I do in a past life? OR was it walking under a ladder yesterday morning? Was I really, as katieupsidedown seems to think, Hitler? Did I kill babies? Did I wear white after Labor Day? Please, someone tell me!
Tags: housing, life, rant
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