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Random nonsense
cap, captain miss america
::points to icon:: phuck made all the Prefects at hogwarts_elite our own super pretty icons. Mine are all roar-y. If you are on my list and not a member already, I highly recommend joining before the new book comes out, which means joining before the 17th, which is soon! Hahaha, I think pikacharma did this last night, but hey.

Anyway, I went to Staples today and bought a wireless router! It was on sale for cheap! So, hopefully, as of tonight, I WILL BE ABLE TO GO ONLINE IN MY BEDROOM AND MAKE THE MOST OF MY AMAZING SQUISHY WARM BED. I also got bookends, because until I get proper bookshelves, something must be done. The bookshelf piece is probably my biggest concern with the new place right now-- I'm not entirely sure where I'll be able to fit them once I get some. It's going to be a challenge, for sure. Bedroom? I think they'll have to be in the bedroom, that's the only thing I can think. And go up to the ceiling.

Mmmm what else? Other things to say? I think yes! My father is coming to stay at the new place tonight, will be interesting! If I get the wireless up, I may not even have to sacrifice my bedroom to him!

I wrote a huge chunk of something that rainy_day and I have been working on. That was awesome.

liret and I are going on a super special field trip this weekend with my mom. Am excited. Am also deliberately being obtuse. Other than super special and field trip.

Oh, and also: This is my new favorite drink. I like the mint one best. Finally there is a proper decent thing to drink that is not entirely sugar. I heart it so much.

Finally, you will see what it is like when I have the world's most mundane

Sometimes, I have these! Not often, but last night? Yes! I totally had a dream that I was roleplaying online with quizzicalsphinx and rattsu. Um, this is TOTALLY NOT ANYTHING LIKE MY REAL LIFE, GUYZ. I SO NEVER DO THIS. Anyway, I told them I was walking home from work and would be home in a few minutes. BUT I LIED. Instead of going home, I went to the movies! And then I felt bad and guilty through the whole movie that I ditched them for two hours when they thought I was going to be right home. The movie was like a cross between a mafia-type action movie and a romantic comedy. And the main guy smoked cigars and had a gold tooth and curly blond hair. But I didn't stay asleep long enough to know how it ended, or whether quizzicalsphinx and rattsu were pissed at me for ditching them.

Isn't that an awesome dream? I think no!
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Don't forget the whole "bring your friend to hogwarts" banner! We get points! Not that points are important...

I'm quite fond of my roary icon, but it is the cover art of a CD so it isn't quite the same... But the whole "lions pwn" aspect of it is pretty fun.

Wireless internet is awesome. But my comp blows chucks (and is really old) so for whatever reason the wireless card doesn't work and I have to use a good old 100/100 lan cord. It weaves up the stairs and down the hall to my room, so awesome lol.

Any movie with gold teeth wins. That guy must have been a pirate in a past life.


I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was watching a movie with you! And absolutely nothing happened. We just sat around and watched the movie. I can't even remember if it was good.

I like the zombie dreams way better.

(Those icons are preeeetty. )

Was it a zombie movie, at least?

I think it was a boring movie, because I can't remember it. But it was a nice movie theater. Very very large screen.

Aw, I thought for some reason we were watching a DVD on a sofa somewhere.

My roommate and I discovered that it's possible to make totally awesome bookshelves out of old dresser drawers. Although that still doesn't solve the problem of where to put them.

Yes! My concern is more the where to put them. And oooh that sounds like a really cool idea.

Huuuuge chunk I have been working on for AGES.

wooo! Today is just like Christmas, but with presents!

No presents on Christmas?! ! !? :-(

You want me to jump in? If so, any pref on who I play? :D


K, let me get ready for work/possibly to work and we're gold! :D

Yay for the new icons! :D And total yay for the wireless router! Wireless is the best.

Ooh the badger one is even prettier! Though I might possibly be biased.

Hee! They're actually all really fantastic, but I will admit I'm jealous of the colors in the Slytherin ones.

The snakes are amazing, but then, snakes come in a lot more colors than badgers or lions do.

That's the last day this H_E is accepting applications for a while is all.

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