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Randomy Randomy

Man, I keep meaning to post the past few days and then not Now I will!

To start with, my cousin Jennifer just sent me a picture she found.

Yeah, guess which one is me? Yup. Yeah. OMG KEWPIE DOLL.

In other news, I ran into Bradford Louryk, a guy from our graduating class at Vassar. I wasn't really close with him but he was absolutely so sweet to me when we ran into each other, gave me a big hug and called me immediately so I'd have his number. You need to check out his website and see what he's doing now because it is fucking phenomenal. It is so, so cool to see people doing badass stuff. I'm really, really proud of him because he always wanted to do this kind of thing and he is. And it's awesome.

(What "this kind of thing" is is serious, artistic drag performances-- really completely raising drag to a different level artistically, which is pretty awesome. The first time I met him, he talked about how he wanted to play Norma Desmond, which was kind of completely badass at the time, being college freshmen and all.)

My father came to visit the other night, and helped me put my kitchen table together. I really, really need a sofa and some chairs next and then I'll be pretty well-set.

Hmm, what else? Oh! I have never been one to want a large TV set, but playing wii? MAKES ME DESPERATE FOR A BIGGER SCREEN. SRSLY. Oh man, it would be so nice to be able to play on a big screen where I can see everything and it can be life-sizedish.

Those pictures? Working on them! They are still getting drawn, but I haven't had time to hook up the scanner again, so bah. Not really that I haven't had time as I got my wireless so I've been computing from my bedroom. I'm such a nerd.

In addition to working on the pictures, I have some very happy news. See, many, many years ago, on a whim, I bought a package of Pentel Fiesta mechanical pencils which I have never, ever seen again. These pencils have a super thick lead-- 1.3 mm (most pencils you buy in stores are .5 or .7, and "student" pencils are usually .9). Anyone who's familiar with my artwork knows that I usually finish off my pencil drawings with a very thick outer line. That line? Courtesy, Pentel Fiesta.

But for years and years, I've never been able to find refill leads or any new Pentel Fiestas. Not even that, I haven't been able to find any pencils with a lead that thick to replace them. As of a couple months ago, I was down to one, half-finished Pentel Fiesta, and I squirreled it away in favor of using a .9 mm pencil and just doubling up the line so I wouldn't waste my precious Fiesta.

But now? Last night, I went on an exploratory walk around my new neighborhood, and popped my head into a CVS. I needed refills for my .7 pencils (also Pentels...while Staedtler makes the best erasers, I will swear on Pentel for everything else, except .5 mms, which I prefer Zebras), so I walked over to the pencil section.

Where I find what?


I also discovered that I live around the corner from the headquarters for the ornamental ironworkers' union, as well as living near a very swank looking wine bar that needs be tried.

Mmm. Wine bar.

This is a ridiculous amount of time to spend writing about pencils. Ha. But I am so happy. And all my artworks will be happy. Happy.

Okay, and finally? katieupsidedown did this today and I keep meaning to do it anyway, so. Post back with a song recommendation for me that you think I would like? I am sorely uneducated in the ways of music, I am still listening to the same music I listened to in 1996, and require assistance to not be one of those lame people who doesn't know any music. So plz.
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