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goonies, die
Double Checking


There is a 10:20 showing at 34th Street between 7th & 8th so I thought that would be good. Destiny, lemme know if you can do that one and I'll get a ticket for you, too. Tickets'll be $12. And Nikki, if you want to come, lemme know-- if you can't decide yet, it's cool, I'll just send you the Fandango link so you can buy a ticket if you want one. Because this is going to be seriously awesome. OMFG this just turned into a huge ass movie outing. Even if the movie sucks this will be awesome.

Um, I'm not sure how many of you want to sleep over or how we're going to finagle this. Rosie, Hannah, Anna and Jess have first dibs obviously but I'll see what I can do if others need to stay.

ALSO: for people going. I am going totally 80s and wearing MLP shirt and fishnets and slip-on sneakers and wild makeup and stuff. And teasing my hair. Rock out. The rest of you are under NO obligation to dress up with me, but if you would like to, I just wanted to let y'all know I'm doing it.

Onto other stuff! I bought a Permanent Account (yay!) and need MORE ICONZES PLZ. I have, um, 103 spaces I can fill. PLZ recommend or leave me some in the comments.

There was a guy on an airplane, wearing a newsboy cap. He was reading a book that kept turning into a newspaper. But the airplane had a conductor, like on a train, and the conductor came to take his ticket. He gave him a ticket for a stop called Morris.

The conductor looked at the ticket. He said, "There's no such stop as Morris. I'm sorry, sir, but you'll have to get off the plane."

Then he picked him up by the back of his collar, opened the hatch, and threw him off the plane.

I am going to part of a Mets' game this eve with my parents! Not the whole thing, because I don't feel like sitting around at the stadium, unless the game gets really good, but probably four or five innings. And hot dogs. Yum. Except Shea really hasn't been the same since Aramark took over their food service in the late 90s. That made me sad.

At work, the software is getting really, really close to release! Excitement! Very excitement! As soon as it does, I will be posting linkies so you can get playing with it! It's really cool.

Other than that, I have a lousy headache. And I still haven't finished unpacking my apartment. Still have no smoke detector. I haven't seen Jeff in weeks and I am starting to wonder if he got arrested.
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Icons? Anything from howveinareyou *cackles*

And what the heck... your dream?

I don't know! It was just...OMFG OUT AIRPLANE WINDOW.

That location is a-ok with me, since I already know how to get there (pretty much, anyway) and I know the late night trains will run to where I need to go. I won't need to stay over, I don't think -- BUT! I will rock the 80's garb with you.

Are we meeting at the theatre? And at what time if the movie is 10:20?


Up to you-- we'll probably be grabbing dinner somewhere in the area pre-show so you're welcome to meet up with us all there. Or just come over to the theater. We can work out a time once I've got everyone's schedules?

Well, that's the beauty of being unemployed -- I'm down for pretty much anything. Yeah, let me know once .. you know.

I just found my care bears duffle bag! Excitement and joy!

Oh Transformers. Those were the day :)

My brother always broke all the Transformers. I was always more into Hot Wheels, myself.

...is there reason for Jeff to have been arrested?

Also, your dream makes me strangely happy. I know that's weird.

I saw him on the curb with a bunch of cops a couple weeks ago. No idea.

It was a very short, sweet dream. Except for it not being sweet at all.

How very exciting this is! I think that Hannah and I are pretty much up for anything :).

Oh, and I dreamed that everyone who I'm seeing in New York was in my room as a star wars hologram, and we were all going to go surfing!

Awesomeness. I'm sure I must have packed something that will pass as 80s. I just checked the weather reports for New york and youch!! It sounds like it is scorching over there!

Yay! If you're dressing up I will too! You can help me find something on Sunday!

Just remember... no spoilers on this site, (unless behind cuts) because I don't fancy having to detour to NY for Aleph to have to do nasty nasty things to you *laughs*.

We plans to see it together, and since we'll have no chance to do so until after the 7th he and I for once tries to stay away from soilers.

Yes, weird, I know. *grins*

But pretty pretty please?

I saw this last night when I was a little drunkish.

Anywho! I would like to be in attendence, yes. :)

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